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Petar Torneff, Technology Center Lead for the company in Bulgaria, on building a sustainable organization in 2021

Petar Torneff Accenture
Petar Torneff, Technology Centre Lead for Accenture Bulgaria

In 2021, digital transformation has become a necessity for any sensible business that aims at sustainability in turbulent times. The transformation, however, can be achieved effectively, well and with optimal safety only when it is in the hands of true experts, such as the global company Accenture.

To learn more about this exciting change and its opportunities and challenges, we talked to Petar Torneff, Technology Center Lead in Accenture Bulgaria. A graduate of Computer Science from the Technical University of Varna, he has been working in the IT field for over 15 years. In 2015, he completed the Harvard Business School's program for Leadership Development. and in 2020 he successfully finished his studies at the EMBA Program of the American University in Bulgaria.

Peter Torneff's interests include transformation in education and the improvement of the leadership potential in Bulgaria. With his work, he contributes to the development of strategies and innovative solutions in cloud technologies, cybersecurity, the online marketplace, and the implementation of policies related to the cultural, age and gender diversity in companies.

What does the digital transformation of business in 2021 look like?

This year, digitalization is happening at an even faster pace compared to 2020, as a result of the challenges that businesses are facing in the relentless pandemic. The global transformation establishes its place in areas where such an approach was previously considered unthinkable. It also brings innovation. The processes of digital transformation create the necessity for companies to be flexible and agile, to make decisions quickly and to trust experienced partners to guide them through change when they are unable to manage it independently.

Which are the key trends and innovations that the companies need to monitor and implement?

Digital transformations in cloud and complex cloud migrations, security and AI are among the key trends in the IT field which establish their place in the context of pervasive digitalization. It brings the need for continuous re-training of employees and increasing their competencies. The innovative approach and the business transfer to the digital environment have yet to prove as working solutions in the country.

How does Accenture's Technology Center in Bulgaria support them along the way?

Being a part of Accenture globally, the company's Bulgarian Technology Center is guided by the good example of market leadership. Approximately 70% of our business is now in digital, cloud and security. This is a crucial step that makes it possible to promote the overall transformation of customers' businesses. In fact, we recognize them as partners and together create a future of shared success.

Our task is to support them through concrete steps that promote successful start and implementation of the transformation process. These include consultancy, discussion of the set goals and channels for their achievement, adaptation and improvement of processes, updated business model testing and subsequent maintenance of the service.

Cloud services are no longer new or exotic, but what are the new opportunities they provide for businesses and consumers?

The key advantage of cloud services which makes them increasingly attractive to businesses is the flexibility they offer – for both parties. By carrying out complex cloud migrations, we successfully help companies to optimize team work, maintenance of internal platforms and overall costs. For users, cloud services provide network access to a huge amount of shared data through a variety of resources.

The transition to such type of systems presents a great challenge, with increasing importance for consumers. This is the protection of information which is stored outside the companies' own channels. For this reason, it is extremely important for businesses that take such a step to ensure the security of their customers, joining forces with experienced experts.

How has the work of Accenture's Technology Center changed and expanded under your leadership?

People are our most valuable asset. This is why I believe that everything we achieve is a result from our joint efforts and dedication. We successfully established a working model that manages to satisfy the high ambitions of our business clients who strive for development and increasing competitiveness. As a next step, we introduced an innovative way of work based on full transparency that allows access even to customers to the work process within their projects.

Despite the pandemic, we are fully focused on the implementation of complete digital transformations, including architecture, design, integration, implementation and performance management. As a result of our efforts, one of the great recognitions we earned is the company's internal Center of Excellence award for our expertise, especially in the field of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This means that whenever a global project that requires expertise with this technology enters the company, it is assigned to our teams in the Bulgarian office.

Which are the most exciting projects that you are currently working on?

In the previous years, the main focus of Accenture's Technology Center in the country were mainly e-commerce projects. Since 2019 we successfully implement such in the field of insurance, banking, telecommunications and automotive sector, and now – in the field of culture.

The number of projects related to cloud technologies and migration has increased significantly. Retail projects are becoming more large-scale and complex. The number of companies that need to successfully complete an overall digital transformation in a short time is also higher. Some of them do not even have previous experience in working in a digital environment. In 2020 alone, we implemented nearly 50 projects of this type.

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