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Presents bring happiness. Let's make the world happier!

Recently, a 10-year-old girl's wish list to Father Christmas went viral on the Internet. It included a motley crew of gifts: the latest iPhone and some more expensive gadgets, brand sport shoes, toys, make up, jewellery, a live bunny (and some clothes for it), $4,000 cash and... an alarm clock.

Of course, we could be outraged and could fume until tomorrow over the consumerism that has taken over this young child's soul at such an early age. We could compare standards of living and could talk about the children in the developing world, we could be sarcastic and post a comment recommending the parents to buy the bunny (minus the clothes) or the alarm clock. We could remember what we wanted when we were 10 years old, wondering where the world is going.

But we can look at this formidable list from another point of view. Deep inside, we are a lot like this 10 year-old girl. We want scores of new things for Christmas.

The advantage of being over 10 years old is the knowledge that when presents are concerned, less is often more, and quality is always more important than quantity. To guess the deepest desire of our loved ones and to look for the best present for them is among the joys of the holiday season. Winter might be cold and the night might be long, but the thought for the happiness that we will give as a present warms us and inspires us for long.

Selected in a physical or Internet store, the good present is the one that matches the character and individuality of its future receiver, that will make their life nicer, more beautiful and pleasant.

Sometimes this might be travels to unknown places. Other times, items that combine the practical with the pleasant, like quality cosmetics, a nice wristwatch, a desired book, a cooking, art or language course. Some good presents, however, are good exactly because they give us an opportunity to dream, to feel beautiful and desired – an elegant piece of jewellery, an enchanting perfume, a splendid bouquet of flowers.

Whatever presents we choose, one thing is important – to choose them with an open heart and to gift them with all of our love. Because this is the only way to give happiness, the biggest present in the world.

Naturally glowing skin with Lavera Two-Phase Intensive Firming Treatment

Lavera Straffende AmpullenkurSkin needs more nourishment and care in winter. The Two-Phase Intensive Firming Treatment by Lavera Nature Cosmetics ( gives it to us. The 7-day therapy with green lifting complex for ladies aged 35-55 years achieves triple effect with hyaluronic acid, stimulates natural produce of collagen, provides UV protection, softens and smoothens the skin. The secret? The special combination of high-performance edelweiss cell culture extract and karanja oil. The product is NATRUE-certified, of own produce organic plant ingredients, vegan, gluten-free and in climate neutral packaging.

GEOCUBE® Collection by Coeur de Lion: Harmonious colours

GeoCube Coeur de LionReleased for the first time in 1999, the GEOCUBE® Collection by Coeur de Lion is regarded as a classic German design, and creator and designer Carola Eckrodt reinterprets it every year.

The current edition of GEOCUBE® allows numerous new compositions in intense and elegant colour combinations in one piece of jewellery: fuchsia, peridot, violet, fire red, orange, petrol, sapphire blue. The famous GEOCUBE® classic with hematite and black-matte onyx is updated with a rose gold stainless steel cube inlaid with a pavé crystal stripe in multicolour.

Like in all previous collections, a defining feature of GEOCUBE® is preserved: the freedom to mix and match a bracelet, bangle, ring.

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Balance by Zlatarna Celje: Diamond start of the New Year

Zlatarna CeljeThe limited collection Balance by Zlatarna Celje is in only 175 items: 14-karat pink gold and diamonds that on the one side are white and on the other are black. The Balance collection has a message about the importance of balance between soul and body. It is for ladies who are aware that they cannot always influence the events in their lives, but can still achieve internal balance. The collection can be worn in several ways: with white diamonds, black diamonds or in a combination of the two.

RoseDéco Bouquets Haute Couture

RoseDéco BouquetsChérie – bouquet of roses up to 90 cm, inspired by the imperial splendor and lavish luxury that has filled the salons of Parisian high society since the mid- nineteenth century. An atmosphere of waltzes and brilliance filled with love and luxury, in which the most whispered word was – Chérie. An original Bohemian crystal on a tassel woven into multiple ribbons. Free shipping all over the country:, phone: 088 83 83 332, Facebook, Instagram.

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La Vie est rose HristinaThe brands for face, hair, body, mother and baby by Hristina Cosmetics are always a great gift, both for us and the people we love. Made of natural products, they are gentle, effective and nature-friendly, and excellently priced. The easiest way to have our latest Hristina-branded dose of health and beauty is the company site, Several clicks are enough to take care of our skin and hair, and to immerse in the divine aroma of selected perfumes.

Yuno Pearls: Discover the magic of the unique freshwater pearls Edison

Yuno PearlsHigh quality, impressive sizes and inimitable colours – no-one can resist the magic of Edison pearls ( The new variety of cultured freshwater pearls flips the definition for quality upside down. They reach sizes that are rare for freshwater pearls: an average of 10-13 mm and even over 15 mm. Their colours vary from white, peach, pink and golden to metallic and nuances of lilac, and made them comparable in their beauty to the high class seawater pearls from Tahiti and the South Sea.

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