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Good primary and secondary education open the doors to the world

When education is discussed, sometimes one can hear the opinion that this part of human development is overrated. The cases of university dropout Steve Jobs and of Steven Spielberg, who has no diploma in directing, are cited as affirmative examples. The examples appear convincing, but a tiny detail should be considered. Both cases concern people with above the average capabilities and are about university education (the shared first names are a coincidence).

The role of good primary and secondary education in the development of successful, happy, realised and fulfilled people can hardly be overestimated. The first years at school and in the development of an individual are the foundation of the life that follows later. It gives grown-up children the tools to create a life, a career and a family after their own taste in every part of the world. We are talking here not only about good linguistic and scientific skills and knowledge, logical thinking and mastership of modern technologies, but also of soft skills that are valued so highly nowadays like teamwork skills, desire to evolve, strive to learn throughout one's life and openness to the world in all of its variety. Good primary and secondary education create in the child habits and help them to discover and develop their talents and interests in the fields of technology, science, arts, sport in safe, supportive and encouraging environment.

The British education system is among the best in the world and it is now accessible to students in Bulgaria at Darbi College (Sofia, 58 G Rakovski St, phone: +359 2 998 30 55, as well. The first sixth-form college in Bulgaria to deliver high-quality alternative education after the British model is among the most successful CAIE colleges in the world. Darbi College offers all British Secondary Education programmes – Year 9, IGCSE and A Level, and students receive internationally recognised certificates. After graduation, they are accepted in the most prestigious universities in the world. How has Darbi College become one of the most elite high schools in Sofia and Bulgaria? Individual attention to each student, turning lessons into intellectual challenges, teaching the values of cultural and social diversity, striving to develop creative personalities are among the main advantages of the school. Darbi College students are taught in small classes and can freely choose their courses, course combinations and extracurricular activities. They also benefit from tailored career planning and university application assistance services. The college is authorized by Cambridge Assessment International Education Board, and is a test center of Cambridge Assessment for university admission in the top-ranking British universities. The above makes it an excellent choice for everyone who has the ambition to let their true potential shine. You are welcome to learn more on 21 March 2020, Saturday, during the Open Doors Day at Darbi College, between noon and 5 pm. It is an excellent opportunity for parents and future students to learn more about the merits of the British education system and about a school that could become a second home.

The effect of good formal education is strengthened when extracurricular activities with proven professionals are added into the mix.

Extracurricular education plays invaluable role in development of modern children, as it is free to pay attention to the development of rare and important skills and knowledge in tranquil and attractive environment. The Children's Academy of Sciences, Arts and Sport (Sofia, 19 Ivan Denkoglu St, phones: 0876 929 249, 0899 757 009,, Facebook: Childrensacademybg) is an excellent example for such an institution. The Academy is dedicated to early development via early education and specialisation for children aged 4-19 in fields such as mathematics, Bulgarian and foreign languages. It offers as well diverse options for physical activity and opportunities for specialisation in the classes for mental calculation and mathematics for talented children. The success of the Academy's students is impressive – they win golden medals on a regular basis at the prestigious mathematic competitions in Asia. In 2019 one of them became the world vice-champion in mental calculation. For parents who want their children to be in an environment that stimulates development from the earliest age, the Academy offers as well a kindergarten. Its curriculum includes early mastering of the Bulgarian language, early mathematical education, study of foreign languages, computer sciences, different sports and others.

The combination of quality formal education and extracurricular activities is the best we can give to our children, and we find it easily in modern Sofia.

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In recognition of 24 May, the day of the Ss Cyril and Methodius, Slavic literature and literacy, and through their disciples, of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture, Acronis donated 100 books to St Kliment Ohridski Hi

There is no doubt that the best investment is the one in education.
Quality education is one of the key factors that guarantee a good professional and personal future. No-one is contesting this fact. However, when the topic which education can be considered good is mentioned, the opinions start to differ.
The success of an individual, an idea or a company is often hard to predict. But if there is a factor that increases exponentially the probability for future success, this is the good education of all involved in the initiative.
Education and the skill to learn and to transfer this knowledge to next generations are in the basis of human civilisation.
One of the most edifying anecdotes that has reached us from Antiquity concerns a tragic event: the death of Socrates.
He who studies will succeed: the old Bulgarian saying remains relevant in the 21st century as well.
The school, the university, the specialised courses: when we look back in our own past, the choices and chances that we have had and have had not in our education have determined our later life.
"He who studies will succeed," is an old Bulgarian saying which today reflects not only the national, but also the global understanding of the importance of education.
In our dynamic world education is a wealth that no-one can steal from us and that we can bring with us no matter where in the vast world we decide to live.
Teaching children who are prepared for the tomorrow with all the ups and downs of labor market, changing technologies and professions: modern education, just like modern society, is going through a turbulent period, in which old principles often are hard to