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Zornitsa Gyurova, founder of the Bulgarian Theta Healing Association, on the beneficial effect of working with unconscious emotions and the change of life models

zornitsa gyurova theta healing bulgaria
Zornitsa Gyurova, founder of the Bulgarian Theta Healing Association

Have you found yourself in the situation when problems suddenly start to come one after another, turning the everyday into an ordeal, a seemingly endless fight for survival? The truth is that sometimes the only thing that we should do to restore the harmony and happiness in our life is to turn to our subconscious. 

Zornitsa Gyurova, a holistic consultant, shares with us how the Theta Healing and Metaphysical Anatomy methods can help in this journey. She herself was on a rough life ride before transforming her destiny and making Theta Healing her professional vocation. Her personal history is an evidence for the method's effectiveness and has inspired many people to follow her example.

What is the Theta Healing method and for whom is it? 

Theta Healing is a technique for work with the unconsciousness based on the change of life models and beliefs, which aims to achieve health and harmony and to restore the inner state of integrity. The name derives from the theta brainwave. We use theta brainwave, which in principle is a state of dream, to connect with the subconsciousness and to change those behavioural and belief models that are destructive for our life.

The theta wave is our natural condition in the first years of our life and corresponds to a waking hypnosis. In this period emerge all established fixed models of behaviour in life. By teaching the brain to return to this primeval state, we can reprogram it. 

When the brain generates predominantly theta waves, the untrained person is asleep. When a theta practitioner provokes such a wave consciously, they achieve a deep meditative process. In this state it is much easier to work with the subconsciousness.

The technique is targeted to people who want fast change and are ready to act, who believe in the power of subconsciousness and, most importantly, who are confident that everything is just a temporary moment and that the future is not set in stone. The technique can be mastered by anyone, but not everyone chooses to take the responsibility of change, of leaving the known and their comfort zone. Actually, Theta Healing has been practised in Bulgaria for 10 years now, but it started to attract more attention only recently. This is because more people are ready to change.

theta healing bulgaria

How and when did Theta Healing become a part of your professional path and your personal story of success?

I spent years searching and wandering, my life was a chain of failure, violence, anger and pain. I worked jobs I did not like, I divorced after 10 years of marriage, I was unsatisfied with my education, I entered bad relationships, I was feckless and powerless to manage my life. At a certain moment I was considering leaving Bulgaria and seeking salvation abroad. 

I was in a critical situation: alone, working 16 hours seven days per week, without a particular diagnosis, but in a deep depression, suffering from anxiety and disquiet. I was emotionally broken and I was falling to pieces physically. I wanted to stop existing.

Then I suddenly learned about Theta Healing. Two theta sessions later my anger disappeared, positive changes started and I was taken over by the desire to live. It was as if a huge burden fell off my back and I awoke from a deep dream. I felt my body again, I saw the world, the light, life... I was flying... 

This was how I decided to dedicate myself to Theta Healing. In 2014 I did my first instructor training with the method's creator, Vianna Stibal, in London and started teaching it professionally. From this moment on I dedicated myself to helping as many people as possible to choose change. 

I created Theta Centre - Zornitsa Gyurova in Varna, my sunny city, where I teach techniques for subconscious transformation. There, I invite different specialists to share their knowledge and techniques. Until the Covid-19 travel restrictions I was constantly on the road, leading in person trainings in Bulgaria and abroad. Since the restrictions I have worked online exclusively. This opened to me a new level of work with people from all over the world. It gave me new knowledge and experiences. 

What is behind your motto Open the Vaults in Your Subconsciousness*?

I did not create the wordplay intentionally, but it reflects me fully. The truth is that subconsciousness rules our life and hides priceless treasures. I discovered my own treasure by freeing myself from what does not work for me and opening space for new talents and skills. The simple message behind the motto is: find your purpose, find your "why," the powers, talents and skills that are locked inside you, waiting for you to find them. The motto is also my personal trademark and technique which I apply during my individual sessions with clients. It is based on my rich experience. In my practice I have seen how hundreds of people change their life in different aspects once their conscious and subconscious begin to work in harmony.

You say that life failures can be caused by emotional blockages that the patient could not even realise they exist. Are there signs to help us recognise such blockages?

There are always signs. Emotional blockages are invisible, but they manifest themselves as diseases, failure, loneliness, dependencies, jealousy, violence, anger, panic attacks, anxiety, infertility. When the connection between the heart and the brain is broken, you think one thing but you feel another, and then, in practice, you do a third thing. This is a clear sign for an emotional blockage that, with time, will bloom to the above-mentioned conditions.

theta healing bulgaria

Not everyone would accept the idea that our subconscious determines our choices. Have you met sceptics who, with time, were convinced by the benefits of working with unconscious emotions? 

Scepticism is the unwillingness to see further than the end of one's nose and to seek another point of view. This is understandable. This is why we say that we live in our own world and truth, and that we see only what we were taught to believe. Expanding one's knowledge, horizon and information is not obligatory. It is a personal choice. Some of my relatives were initially sceptical, but slowly got convinced in the effectiveness of work with the subconsciousness when they saw my achievements. Personal example works best. Yes, it can be downplayed, but it cannot be completely denied.

In the past two years more people are suffering from panic attacks, anxieties and depression. Is the Covid-crisis the only trigger or there are deeper reasons for this? 

My experience has shown that a time for change has come. The Covid-crisis only catalysed it. People live in big compromises, without love, in lies, lost in consumer frenzy and technological gadgets that exhaust their attention and energy. The pandemic restrictions forced many of them to face the reality that they used to underplay and hide even from themselves. Others lost their jobs or loved ones. The collective consciousness suddenly filled with emotions of fear, powerlessness, uncertainty. People awoke and opened their eyes, they started seeking alternative solutions and paying more attention to their inner selves. The deeper reason is the need of change and return to core values, the need to listen to the needs of the body and soul. All sufferings are a sign that the patient thinks one thing, feels another and does something completely different. A misalignment between the major energy centres that provide balance and harmony. However, next to each obstacle there is an equally powerful opportunity. The important thing is where your focus and attention are. If you are focused on the negative, your brain will filter information that confirms your belief that negative things will happen to you. You can learn to control this process. However, not everyone suffers today. People who love themselves and their partners or who love what they do enjoyed life even more, as they had the opportunity to spend more time with these people, to reorganise their business, to open for new things.

This is what happened to me. I was the first Theta Healing instructor to open licensed online classes. Now I look only forward. 

You also teach and practice Metaphysical Anatomy (МАТ). What should we know about this technique? 

This is the latest technique in the training centre. It is based on phychosomatics and work with trauma. Meta, from the Greek μετα, means beyond the boundaries of the visible world; φυση means nature and aνατομια is the human anatomy. So, MAT goes beyond the boundaries of what we know about the human body. Here we are also focused on emotional blockages as body signs. We study and identify subconscious associations that create obstacles, stress and negative experiences in one's life. We study and work as well with stress during the prenatal period and the influence it has on one's life. The method gives voice to the subconscious mind and helps the patient to discover their own value. The motto of МАТ is "You body talks, but do you hear it?". The best thing is that with this technique you do not need to remember and relive past pain and suffering. If Theta Healing started my change, then with МАТ I upgraded and refined my abilities, talents and skills. 

For whom are the trainings and workshops that you organise? When individual sessions are best? 

The workshops are good for everyone. There I share my whole experience plus ready solutions. In only 2 hours people can discover and become aware of previously unsuspected limits in different spheres of life: they can even spawn from Bulgarian sayings and proverbs, fairy tales, or one's family tree. With a ready algorithm, which I offer during the workshops, everyone can bring to light the psychosomatic reasons for their condition, to see when they lost their happiness and joy in life. The trainings are for people who want to learn how to manage even their deepest traumas without reliving them, to discover their emotions and what causes them stress, to quickly balance their body and solve inner conflicts, to improve their quality of life. 

Trainings are also a 100 percent opportunity to start on a new career path. In them participate many healthcare professionals, physiotherapists, masseurs, energy practitioners, doctors who add a new, working tool to their practices. Psychologists have also recognised the immense potential of these techniques, because they help them to reduce the time for achieving results. 

Individual sessions are for people who want to be guided by someone who has already gone through difficult situations and knows how it is done. People suffering from fears, phobias, dependencies, physical or emotional pain, reproductive problems, lack of a partner, job or money, weak personal boundaries, insomnia and others. In practice, we can apply work with emotions in all spheres of life. I personally do it.

How did you create the Association for the Development of the Theta Healing Method? What is the organisation's focus? 

Taking into account the hardships I experienced in my work, I decided to create a place for support of budding Theta Healing practitioners and teachers. A place to conduct the certified trainings after the trademark's standards (the Theta Healing method is a trademark that comes with a lot of responsibilities and limitations), for charity and social work. The idea is to share our experience and to make it available to more people. The members of the association have a number of privileges, some of them are in my personal team for work with clients and recommendations. This June, we will have the Third Theta Healing conference this June. The main topic will be personal example: "What did I achieve and how did I change my life with Theta Healing."

Varna, 13 Sofroniy Vrachanski St 


*A wordplay in the Bulgarian: vault is trezor while zora is also a shortened version of the name Zornitsa

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