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Taking care of your appearance in the hot months is important

Oh, the summer! A season we cannot wait to begin because of the sun, the sea and the light clothes, and yet a season we are afraid of a bit, because of the damage it does to our skin and because of our old fear how do we look in a swimsuit.

If you take care of yourself timely and well, you don't need to be afraid. On one hand, warm weather reduces the appetite and helps you to stick with the diet or eating regime you have chosen. Internet and the media are full with "magic" recipes to part with your spare weight, but we advice you to choose a regime that is not too restrictive and instead is focused on the build up of a way of thinking and behaving when you eat less, but well and with pleasure. Thus, you will avoid the dreadful yo-yo effect that follows the end of more restrictive diets and makes you feel bad – and even more so if you are on an all inclusive vacation.

To look good in summer, you need some muscles as well. Warm weather is excellent to run in the park, to swim and to walk instead of to drive in order to get to a place five minutes away. Sadly, sometimes our efforts cannot change what nature has given us. On the other hand, modern technologies are already advanced enough and with a series of procedures at renowned specialists you can correct your small imperfections. Photo and laser epilation are no longer novelties, but application of high technologies in the science of beauty goes much further. With the help of the right clinics and centres you can say a final goodbye to cellulite and pigmented skin, you can shape your body's contour, smooth your wrinkles and restore your youthful appearance.

Sun, heat and sea affect heavily our facial skin, deepening the ageing processes. That is why you need to be prepared. Don't expose your face on the sun (how good that wide-brimmed hats are in fashion!), and don't leave your home without sun-protecting moisturiser on your face. The good news is that modern producers are offering a lot of face creams with SPF 50+, and some of these are tinted, replacing easily your usual foundation. For additional refreshening throughout the day, use face mist. It will not only hydrate the skin of your face, but if you spray it carefully and from a distance, it will give a dewy look to your make up.

Skincare, however, should go further. After your vacation by the sea or in the mountain is over, it is best to visit a beautician who will recommend you a programme to revive your skin's vitality and youth.


Endosphères at Duppisima Beauty Studio: A dream fulfilled

endospheres Sometimes we dream of reducing the size of our hip and thighs, to part with cellulite, to improve our muscle tonе and to erase the traces of time from our face. Dreams are dreams, but the unique for Bulgaria technology Endosphères that you will find at Duppisima Beauty Studio (Sofia, Tvardishki Prohod St, opposite №18, business building, floor 5, phone: 0885 587 083,, turns all of them into a reality. On top of that – with a gentle procedure. Endosphères is a technology with microvibration and microcompression EndoSpheres therapy, performing deep massage that drains, improves blood circulation, reduces pain, restructures and increases the muscle tone. As a result, the fat depots are removed, the muscles are firm as after a work out, the collagen produce is stimulated and the skin is nourished. A one-month series of procedures and the use of selected cosmetics are needed, but once you step on the road of Endosphères and Duppisima, you will feel reborn.


Yuno Pearls: The summer is a pearl

Yuno PearlsIs there a piece of jewellery that better than pearls says "Summer is here and I am happy!"? Tender and ethereal, charged with memories for sea caress and sun kisses, pearls make us more feminine and ready for the joys of the season. Modern, innovative and classical, the jewellery at YUNO Pearls ( easily turn your summer pearl dream into a reality. The only in Bulgaria chain of shops specialised in natural pearls offers you a range of inspiring models: white, pink or grey pearls in combination with silver, gold or steel in designs that not only enrich your look, but also boost your good mood and femininity, and your desire to live and to love. Find YUNO Pearls' latest suggestions on their Facebook page: YUNO-Pearls.


Bianchi Methanol CV: A revolutionary mountain bike
Bianchi Methanol CVGood looks and health are the result of our conscious efforts and few things make us better that biking among the crystal clear mountain air. The renowned Italian company Bianchi ( has a proposition for you: the innovative in its concept and execution bike Methanol CV. The first mountain bike with a frame of the exclusive Countervail® technology for vibrations cancelling turns each minute of the cross-country biking into a pleasure; it takes the biker's performance at a whole new level and last, but not least, avoids muscle fatigue thus helping for the better experience. That means as well that you have a better control over your bike, regardless of whether you climb up or down, pull the brakes or sprint. Quick, light and aggressive, Methanol CV is for those who love living fast and know how to enjoy life.


Vanity Zone Laser and Aesthetics: The latest in the world of aesthetic medicine
The efficient and permanent solution to a number of aesthetic problems awaits you at Vanity Zone Laser and Aesthetics (Sofia, 115G Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd, Megapark Business Centre between McDonald's and The Mall, level 0, phones: 07001 4442, 0879 06 00 10, The centre offers procedures and equipment from the leaders Alma Lasers, Venus Concept and Edge System LLC who guarantee the safest and most efficient treatment. At Vanity Zone you can easily and painlessly erase wrinkles, tighten your skin and reduce the dark circles under your eyes with the laser procedures ClearLift™. For removal of pigmentation and dilated capillaries, choose the patented Alma Lasers technology with short impulses and broad-spectrum light: the method doesn't require recreative period and has visible results. To feel like a true star, opt for the one of a kind multifunctional therapy HydraFacial. Preferred by the Hollywood elite, it cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and efficiently fights wrinkles, while solving problems provoked by the influence of wind, sun, humidity and stress.


Derma Vita: Shinning summer skin

Derma VitaThe summer puts a number of ordeals on our skin, but Derma Vita Clinic (Sofia, 8 Akad. I Buresh St, helps to overcome each of them. To fight dehydration, after your summer vacation make a series of procedures with needle-less mesotherapy rich on hyaluronic acid and a complex of vitamins. The procedure normalises the skin condition and reduces the damaging effect of UV-light that causes premature ageing. The active substances are introduced via ultrasound, without pain or risk. Mesolift is another method for complete rejuvenation. Containing only hyaluronic acid, it erases immediately the fine lines and revitalises the skin of your face. If the very thought of summer makes you sweat, the solution is botulinum toxin. Applied in areas with excessive sweating, it reduces it for up to 80 percent. Plasmotherapy is also suitable for summer, as it significantly improves the collagen synthesis, regenerates and freshens the skin.

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