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Happiness makes woman beautiful, but even the happiest woman needs additional help from specialists to unleash her full glamour. Then what about the rest of us, who every day brave the challenges of our fast-moving world, the need to balance between our professional and personal life, and the high expectations we impose on ourselves?

The good news is that we live in a world where it is increasingly easy to win the battle against time, stress, over-expectations and the desire to preserve our youth and beauty. Aesthetic dermatology is developing, using the latest news in scientific discoveries, in its mission to understand in depth the ageing mechanisms and to slow them down. Traditional and new methods for relaxation and physical exercises help us to restore our inner balance and physical shape. On the market appear newer and more effective cosmetics, covering from skin care to hair care, which work for us regardless of whether we apply them at home or we treat ourselves with the skills of professional beauticians and coiffeurs.

Our only task, then, is to discover what is most efficient in our individual case, and to be happy, and beautiful.

SEZMAR COLLECTION LOVE Cosmetics: The art of making love
No matter how skilled we are in the art of lovemaking, there are always new sensations that await to be discovered and tried. In order for you to feel confident and irresistible, desired and desiring, giving and receiving pleasure, we offer you to experiment with the special cosmetics SEZMAR COLLECTION LOVE (www.kozmetikahristina.com). This is a collection for the foreplay that will change your sensations, will add taste to your sexual life, and will transform it. The products are made of 100 percent natural ingredients and aphrodisiac aroma oils that work on a subconscious level and boosts the hot temperament in both you and your partner.

Dr Petrana Kaliasheva: Youth is yours

Dr KaliashevaWhen you want to stop the signs of ageing, but you are afraid of the unpredictable results of plastic surgery and botox, you don't need to despair. The solution is in the care of an experienced dermatologist like Dr Petrana Kaliasheva  (Sofia, 3 Byalo Pole St, Comfort Business Centre, floor 2, phone: +359 886 888 668, FВ: drkaliasheva, Instagram: petrana.kaliasheva, www.drkaliasheva.com). Dr Kaliasheva knows that the best aesthetic procedure is the one that cannot be noticed, and is capable of bringing back your youth with a revolutionary technology. The ultrasound HIFU - SMAS lifting is a non-surgical method using precisely focused energy. It permeates deep under the skin, without damaging its surface, and influences the collagen and elastin fibres in the surface musculoaponeurotic layer. As a result the skin becomes firmer, and the folds and wrinkles disappear: something that until recently was possible only with a surgery.

EuroDerma: Your skin deserves the best care

euroDermaThe skin is the largest organ of the human body and yet so often we neglect it, thinking wrongfully that what we have seen on the Internet and in the ladies' shows on the TV is enough to keep it healthy, beautiful and young. But nothing can compare with the help of a professional dermatologist like Dr Mariela Hinkova from the EuroDerma Clinic (Sofia, 4 Pencho Slaveykov Blvd, phones: +359 2 426 1073, www.euroderma-clinic.com). Dr Hinkova has rich experience, including international ones, and a number of qualifications in the field of dermatology, venereal and aesthetic dermatology. She offers dermatological and STD examinations and consultancies, and aesthetic dermatology. In EuroDerma you will find as well the best quality modern skin care: mesolift, chemical peeling, botox, fillers, ALMA laser therapy and more, performed by some of the best dermatologists in Bulgaria.

Nushi Hairstyle and Beauty Salon: The happiness to look amazing

Nushi salonHealthy hair and modern, elegant hairstyle have always played a crucial role in defining the woman's confidence and the way other people perceive us. When you want only the best for your hair and hairstyle, you will find in at Nushi Salon (Varna, 72 Knyaz Boris Blvd, phones: 0886 66 30 64, 0876 99 09 97, FB: SALONI NUSHI CENTER). At Nushi each client receives an intelligent and professional approach towards her individual vision, creative ideas and the best care with the help of elite hair cosmetics: the Kydra boutique hair colours, the luxurious suggestions by Alterna, the argan oil based products of Moroccanoil and the Olaplex brand, which uses the latest scientific discoveries to make your hair healthy and beautiful. At Nushi you will also find professional care for the perfect manicure and pedicure.

Therapy Bowen Center: Harmony for the body and the soul

Bowen therapyEach of us goes through difficult periods when our body seems to work against us and the achievement of emotional balance seems impossible. In such moments you need Bowen therapy. This a holistic, non-invasive treatment recommended for musculoskeletal and joint problems, problems with internal organs, infertility, emotional imbalance, stress, auto-immune diseases, allergies, migraine, strokes, Parkinson, gripes and many more. In order for the therapy to work, however, you need experienced and renowned specialist like Tonya Blagoeva, owner of Therapy Bowen Center (Sofia, 55 Han Asparuh St, phone: 0899 525 470, tonya@therapybowen.com, www.therapybowen.com). She is a certified Bowen therapist who will help you restore your outer and inner harmony. The centre also offers classical massage.


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