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Refreshing your image is not only a pleasure, but a responsibility to yourself

Everybody is well-acquainted with the wish for total change which gets hold of us every now and then. And it wouldn't leave until we do something about it – a change of hairstyle, wardrobe or attitude. This is how little by little we put the past behind us and start on the future in the clear. What is more appropriate timing than the beginning of spring? If you feel trapped in the routine, a change, even a cosmetic one, will repay you back manifold: you will improve your appearance and make the first step toward changing the drone of everyday life.

In order to maximise the effect of taking care of yourself, plan ahead. What is the thing that you have wanted to do for a long time? Things like removing small cosmetic imperfections, changing your eating habits or going for skin tightening procedures are usually put off again and again; instead, just do it now. Try new things as well – make yourself a present of a spa package, change your favourite accessories with new ones, risk to try a suggestion by the hair stylist. Choose from the ideas that we offer to you here – in the hands of experienced specialists you will be pleased with the results and you will look at yourself in the mirror with new eyes.

Boost Your Spirit and Body

Hair Spa Studio Alba de Crignis

To overcome winter fatigue, all you need to do is find a cozy place where to relax and replenish your energy. The newly renovated Hair Spa Studio Alba de Crignis provides you and your loved ones with a tranquil atmosphere away from the hectic sounds of the city. Alba de Crignis’s team of highly-qualified specialists specialises in a wide variety of massages as well as body and face therapy procedures which can be included into an individual programme suited to your liking for reinvigorating and memorable experience.

Time for Style

Swiss Time

Take your own time in hand with the elegant classic models of Swiss manufacturers. Bulgarian company Swiss Time is the distributor of select brands produced in small series by traditional technologies such as Zeno-Watch Basel, Temption, Schaumburg Watch and Glycine. With the stylish models you get everything that the Swiss watches are famous for – durable and tested components, exclusive design and long mechanism life. Swiss Time offers full manufacturing warranty as well as certified atelier to keep your watch always in excellent condition.

Fresh Start

Aesthetic Treatment Centre Kallisti

Early spring is an excellent moment to throw out winter routine for good. Start with body care to stimulate your organism. In the Aesthetic Treatment Centre Kallisti you enjoy both the attention of experienced specialists in body shaping and skin care and the modern Italian technology of Fisioline. It quickly removes any fatty deposits left from winter and tones and shapes your muscles into looking like you've spent long hours in the fitness. Combine weight reduction with lymph draining to improve your circulation – the pleasant procedure will be beneficial if you have lymph system problems. Looking tired? Your facial skin will be refreshed with deep needleless hydration, and the anti-wrinkle therapy will make it smooth and tight.

Specialists in Relaxation

Rehabilitation Centre St. Naum

Take the time for massages and rehabilitation to prevent build-up of stress and its consequences. The procedures of rehabilitation centre St. Naum help you combat cellulite, relax significantly with a professional massage and hold out therapy with ultrasound, paraffin, healing mud or lye. The SPA and wellness menu includes classics such as chocolate and aroma therapy, and the HYPOXI technology for rehabilitation and body shaping gives quick and permanent results.

Food for the Soul and Body

Dietologist Rositsa Toncheva

If weight is reflecting on your self-esteem, find a healthy way to control it. Instead of going hungry, look for the advice of dietologist Rositsa Toncheva, who has long years of experience in diet and healthy eating. According to her, the various means for losing weight such as teas and pills will not be effective enough unless you combine them with individualised diet. Consultations will help you figure out what factors contribute to your weight and which food groups you need more in your daily life.

Sparkling Smile

CONFIDENT Dental Clinic

Beautiful smile is key to every heart, and CONFIDENT Dental Clinic will help you achieve one. In the modern furnished treatment rooms, the specialists in aesthetic dentistry, implantology, endodontics, periodontology and orthodontics will find the best solution for your treatment.

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