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It's easy to achieve beauty and strong confidence for the most sensual of the seasons

When you feel well in your own skin, you emanate happiness, tranquility and charm, attracting the others. But sometimes it is so difficult to feel well in your own skin – specifically in summer, a season of light clothes and fabrics, and vacations by the seaside. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that there is nothing to worry about in your appearance, the discomfort is here, nurtured by small physical blemishes, some excess weight, skin problems.

Good news is that you can easy break free of all of that. With a bit of inner mobilisation and reliable information about the best specialists in the care for good looks and confidence, you will literally transform yourself – with new smile, shining skin, sculpted body and invigorated spirit.

Persona: The name of the beauty

Persona Health & Beauty salonWhen we are getting ready for the summer, the main care is for the skin, which should be rejuvenated and prepared for the test of the summer light and the sea water, and for the eyes of the others. Persona Health & Beauty salon (Sofia, Yuzhen Park, block 124, next to the American Embassy, phones: 0898 356190, 02 822 1067, is the place to rejuvenate your skin quickly and easily with a rich range of procedures for face and body with innovative technologies. Persona is the only beauty salon in Bulgaria applying photoepilation with the amazingly effective Sharplight apparatus. In the centre you can also benefit from the rejuvenating Intraceuticals therapy, to sculpt your body with ICOONE and to restore your youth with the multifunctional HydraFacial therapy. Persona is a place not only for the body, but also for the soul - immerse in the pleasure of the ВАН ХО Thai foot massage, and you will feel reborn and ready for the summer.

Beautiful Smile Dental Studio: Smile to the summer

Beautiful Smile Dental StudioWhite well-shaped teeth and stunning charm – who doesn't want a smile like that? Achieving it, however, is not in the capabilities of an ordinary dentist. To have a smile like this, you'll need the professionals of Beautiful Smile Dental Studio (Sofia, 23 Tvardishki Prohod St, floor 5, office 18, phone: 0879 172 347,, who know how to take care of your teeth, how to create the appearance you are after and how to restore the youth of your face. Dr Doychin Angelov and his team know that the magic of beautiful smile lies in its natural looks, and skilfully use aesthetic reconstruction and implants for achieving of optimal and durable result, which will turn you into a real star. For even more stunning effect, opt for rejuvenating procedures with fillers and Botox that shape the contour of the face, erase the traces of fatigue and restore the youthful look.

Dr Serdev: Discover your new You

Improve your image and satisfaction at the Medical Centre "Aesthetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine" (11, 20th April St, Sofia, phone: +359 888 802 004, The Director of the centre, Dr Nikolay Serdev, is an internationally renowned specialist in aesthetic surgery and medicine. At his centre you can beautify and rejuvenate your face, perform a buttock or breast lift with no visible scars, very short downtime, and nearly immediate return to work and social life. The procedures offered at his clinic are of high quality, and are quick and effective, with short recreational period. This is due to the internationally recognised special closed approach scarless Serdev Suture® lifts, suspension and volumising techniques in cosmetic surgery for total beautification. Modern and atraumatic methods for ultrasonic liposculpturing are also performed in the centre, as well as Photoepilation, Botulinum toxin injections and more.

Healthy People: Complete transformation of the body and spirit

Healthy PeopleStress, abundance of unhealthy food, sedentary life: all this is an obstacle on our way of achieving the health and the body weight of our dreams. The programmes of Healthy People (Sofia, 6 Veslets St, phone: 0894 365 769, offer priceless help in this task. Since 2011, this club has been helping its clients to control their weight and to keep it in the norms, while affirming the principles of wholesome healthy and balanced eating. At Healthy People you will find information on how to eat well and part with your bad eating habits, and you will receive help in the cleansing of your body from toxins. The club also offers food additives, and its sports programmes are priceless in achieving good health and figure.

Face & Body Zone: Happy summer

Face & Body ZoneCleansing procedure, ultrasound pilling, skin nourishing and rejuvenation with optimal hydration: when you want to be in a top shape for the summer, the right place is Face and Body Zone (Sofia, 56 Bigla St, Here you will find an astonishing variety of effective and energising procedures like cleansing, hydration and regeneration with Skin Karma, or procedures with collagen and hyaluronic acid. Face and Body Zone works with the so-called "Israeli wonder," the WishPro machine, which brings astonishing rejuvenating effect, and the Оxygen Botanicals cosmetics, the first beauty line with pure oxygen derived in non-chemical way. To tone up not only your face, but also your body, give yourself a massage at Face and Body Zone - classical or with aromatic oils.

Wellness Center Ganesha Club: For divine moments

Wellness Center Ganesha ClubSituated at the heart of Sofia, the boutique salon Wellness Center Ganesha Club (45 Sandor Petofi St, phones: 0878 508 017, 0878 508 003,, Facebook: Wellness Center Ganesha CLUB) is created to prepare you for the summer without much effort. Sunken in blissfulness, beauty and exotics, here you can relax or sculpt your body with classical and exotic massages with organic cosmetics, and with a variety of spiritual and anti-age procedures and therapies. Wondering which is the best for you? Discover the formula for your beauty at irresistible fees with the Well-Being campaign of Wellness Center Ganesha Club.

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