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Every woman yarns for beauty, health and joy of life; today it is easy to have these all

What women want is a question as old as the world. The answers are many, and they change in accordance with the historical moment and the development of the society. But no matter how much the times change, some things remain firmly at the top of women's desires. Besides life cornerstones like love, family, motherhood and career, the modern woman also yarns for eternal beauty and youth, for adventures and life pleasures, for interesting experiences. The satisfaction from each of these brings happiness and tranquility, a feeling of harmony with yourself and the people around.

Turning all of these desires into a reality looks impossible only at the beginning. Never before the women have lived in a world which so eagerly is offering to satisfy their wishes. Modern technologies and cosmetics preserve their tone, youth and beauty. The elegant jewellery and accessories are anymore not for the super rich only. Travels to exotic places are a part of the daily routine, and the globalised world gives opportunity for discovering many and new tastes.

Today it is wonderful to be a woman. Grab the opportunity!


Magna Beauty Aesthetic Centre: Achieving perfection

Magna Beauty Aesthetic CentreThe eternal women's desire for beauty, health and youth has found its solution at the Magna Beauty Aesthetic Centre (Sofia, Mladost 2, 44 Sveti Kipriyan St, www.magnabeauty.com). The centre offers high-quality range of aesthetic, laser and cosmetic procedures for face and body. The technology used is by international brands like Cutera, Leaseir, Verju, Zimmer, Dermafrac, and the value for money is excellent. Search Magna Beauty for corrections of small skin imperfections, lifting, peeling and rejuvenating procedures, cellulite treatment and many others. Don't miss the centre's latest offers: manicure, medical pedicure, permanent make up.


Aventurine: Oasis of inner harmony and external beauty
aventurine beauty studioRegardless of how busy she is, a woman has to find time to take care of her beauty; not only in order to have flawless appearance, but also because of the deep internal satisfaction and harmony this brings. Aventurine Beauty Studio (Sofia, Darvenitsa, 1 Iliya Dimushev St, FB: Авантюрин, www.aventurine.bg) is your green nook where care for the soul goes hand in hand with the latest technologies in beauty care. Here you will find dedicated professionals, high class cosmetics by Phytomer and Natura Bisse, massages and latest generation of Venus Legacy and HydraFacial apparatuses for body and facial care, at reasonable prices. Aventurine helps you to achieve internal harmony and stable results, which will make you feel happy, relaxed, and attractive.


Hristina Professional: Let your skin shine

Hristina ProfessionalThe power of nature, combined with detailed knowledge of the properties of some of its most efficient ingredients, is the basis of Hristina Professional, the series of products for professionals by Hristina Cosmetics (www.kozmetikahristina.com). The collection includes complete care for the skin of the face and the body, massage oils and anti-cellulite creams. The products are based on natural ingredients like argan oil, Bulgarian rose, seaweed, gold, coconut, honey, and, for a dash of luxury, strawberries, Champagne and cream as well. The effect of using Hristina Professional is more than satisfying and helps any woman to feel again beautiful and beaming with joy.


Cœur de Lion: Elegance 24/7

Cœur de LionHand-made in Germany, the CœUr de Lion jewellery stand out with their bold elegance, colour experiments, fine details and joy they bring to their owner. Established in 1987 by Carola and Nils Eckrodt, who still run the business, Cœur de Lion is a leading manufacturer of fashionable designer jewellery. Its innovative bracelet concept was awarded with the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2018.

When you see Cœur de Lion's Spring/Summer 2018 collection, you will rate it high, too. Its concept is as simple as it is successful: elegant combinations of up to six different bracelets, twinned with colour-coordinated necklaces and earrings. Each piece of jewellery is made of stones like amethyst, haematite, onyx, rose quartz, carnelian, amazonite, smoky quartz, tiger's eye. Swarovski® crystals, stainless steel and other top quality materials are also used. Even the tiniest detail in them meets the collection's motto: Elegance 24/7.

The Cœur de Lion's creations are sold in over 30 countries. Find yours on www.remco.bg.


Cheese and wine from Coupage Bulgarian Gourmet Products: The taste of life

Coupage Bulgarian Gourmet ProductsLife is beautiful when it is tasty. Coupage Bulgarian Gourmet Products (Sofia, 42 Solunska St, FB: Купаж) is an excellent way to make your life more beautiful and tastier. In it you will find the cheeses of the famed dairy farm Rodopa Milk from the Rhodope village of Smilyan, as well as a selection of wines, to enjoy these with. Kaba Gayda is excellent with Riesling, Syrah, Merlot, and Pinot gris. The Male Cheese goes well with Tamyanka, Muskat Ottonel, and Mavrud. The Teyze cheese is best with Riesling, Syrah, and rose wines, while Geran is great for fondues and Sauvignon blanc, Pinot noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Parnar is an ideal addition to a glass of Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Sauvignon blanc, Sangiovese.

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