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The emblematic flower gives aroma, health, beauty

The oil-bearing rose is a delicate plant that feels well only at a single, restricted territory: the Valley of Roses, the strip of land between the Stara Planina and the Sredna Gora mountain ranges around Kazanlak, Karlovo, Sopot and a couple of other towns. Only here the winter and the summer are balm enough and the soils are nurturing enough so that this gentle plant can create its unique aromatic magic.

The oil of the Bulgarian rose is a key ingredient for perfumery and cosmetic industry and Bulgaria is one of the main international producers and exporters.

The oil-bearing Rosa damascena plant was introduced into the Bulgarian lands centuries ago. In the 19th century its production increased to a degree that foreign travellers passing through perceived it as a symbol of Bulgaria.

The beauty of the rose cannot be disputed, but is cultivation is a hard work. For the distillation of a kilogram of pure rose oil are needed between 2 and 3 tonnes of rose petals. They should be picked early in the morning before the dew evaporates.

Most tourists today encounter the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose and the Bulgarian rose oil mainly as souvenirs and other tourist products. The best way to experience the magic of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose is to visit the Valley of the Roses during the rose picking in the second half of May and the beginning of June.

Of course, Bulgarian rose can be with you the year round: as cosmetics, essential oils and even foods and beverages such as rose-scented Turkish delight, jam, cordial. In all cases you can be sure that it will give you not only divine aroma, but also care for the health and beauty, as rose oil contains dozens of beneficial ingredients.


Harmonica Rose Cordial: Surprise in a bottle

harmonica rose cordialThe aroma and taste of rose acquire a completely new dimension with the cold-pressed cordial Harmonica ( Like all other products of the company, the rose cordial is organic, healthy, tasty. It is made of extract of aromatic Bulgarian roses that are organically grown. Raw cane sugar is the only other ingredient in it. The Harmonica rose cordial is preservatives, pesticides and GMO free, and is vegan. Diluted with water in proportion 1:7 it makes a wonderful refreshing drink, and if you are in the mood for something different, you can add it in a summer cocktail. The Harmonica rose cordial has fans abroad, too – in 2017 it won the prestigious British award Great Taste.

Rose Medica: Health smells like Bulgarian rose

NatureBaseBulgarian rose is not only beautiful and sweet-smelling. Its petals contain over 100 macro and microelements with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Rose Medica is a pioneer in research of the therapeutic properties of the Bulgarian rose, and the developed products provide us with the complete power of roses to be healthy and in good shape. Rosanax food supplements with pure extract of Bulgarian rose ( improve voice discomfort and inflamed throat and help the proper function of the gastrointestinal tract. Rose Medica is a project of NatureBase (, an established producer of essential oils, floral waters and natural extracts.


Cosmetics by MASE Production: Beautiful as a Bulgarian rose

MASE Production The beauty of the Bulgarian rose helps us to maintain our youth, to smell good and to feel glamorous. The new line of cosmetic products by MASE Production ( gives us the best of the Bulgarian rose. It hydrates and nourishes the skin, helps in the fight with acne, protects us from the sun, helps our hair to grow and to be healthy and the aromas of the perfumes for men and women stay with us throughout the day. MASE Production also gives us the opportunity to enjoy a series of seducing Turkish delight with rose. The company is an established producer of quality cosmetics and offers development of client brands and help in certification and registration of cosmetic products.

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