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Good catering is crucial for the success of your event

The food was really, really tasty, of the kind that make you regret that you are at a formal event and cannot stuff your mouth full. And yet, it was one of the worst catering experiences I have ever had.

Why? Because of bad organisation. After starving the guests for more than an hour after the end of all the speeches, there came an outpour of food. It created a buzz among the guests, but soon this gave way to apathy, as our bellies, shrunken from hunger, now resisted the very idea of having one bit of food more.

Good catering, where each part of the process of cooking, serving and cleaning of the food is designed and planned to perfection, is crucial for the success of your event, regardless of whether you organise a cocktail party, a celebration for an anniversary, a wedding or another gathering that brings together a lot of (hungry) people.

The concept of catering should always mirror the nature of the event. If it is a wedding, there should be cake, and if it is a cocktail party for a multicultural crowd, the food and beverages should reflect their diversity of diets. Ordering catering from a cheap restaurant will hardly do any good to a business event, and overdoing the menu could distract your guests from the main reason you have brought them together – socialising.

Happily, there are specialised companies that know how to organise the catering in a way that will make you happy with the event and your guests satisfied with the food. However, there is a lot to consider.

The good catering company will be happy to share with you the names of its clients and the events it had organised. The menu is diverse, with a range of vegetarian and meat options. The managers are strict with the deadlines and will advice what will fit better to your event and budget.

For your part, don't leave your partner from the catering company in the dark on the programme of the event. They need to know how long the cocktail-hour will be, will there be speeches, or dances in the garden, or something else, in order to organise their work in the most efficient way. There is nothing more annoying than having half of your guests still drinking their welcome champagne and chatting, while the other half is already lined at the buffet, filling their plates with roasted beef.
Choosing the right catering company might sound like an exhausting task, but do it properly, and at the end you will save a lot of money and nerves, and will enjoy your event as much as your guests do.

Queen Style Catering: Where client is king
Do you want something more interesting for the guests of your event, like sushi? Or you need to take in notice their dietary requirements to the type of meat? Or you are at a complete loss from where to begin with the organisation of the catering and the composition of the menu? The solution is Queen Style Catering (Sofia,
 60 Sveti Kiprian St, phones: 
02 975 0840, 0898 563 772, This young but ambitious catering company has already won a number of diplomatic and corporate clients such as the Swiss Embassy and the Sheraton. The explanation for its success is simple. Queen Style Catering is reliable and correct partner, and client always comes first. The company offers a range of combinations for a menu, keeps up with the deadlines and controls each stage of the organisation, delivery and serving of the catering. What is left to you, is the pleasure of the well-organised event and the happy smiles of your guests.

Red Coral Catering: The choice of Hollywood
Have you ever wondered what do Salma Hayek, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham eat when they film in Bulgaria? The answer is – the specialities of Red Coral Catering ( The company has been a reliable partner of international productions in Bulgaria like the Expendables 2 & 3, the second movie of the 300 saga and The Legend of Hercules, and has accumulated solid experience in the preparation and delivery of food even for the most choosy clients. The professionals in Red Coral Catering are accustomed to work in a dynamic environment and for a diversity of diet demands from clients, and can offer everything – from vegan to Mexican cuisine. A proof for the company's talent are its long history on the market and the fact, that it has been the choice not only of Hollywood stars, but also of organisers of small and big events on a variety of locations.

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