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Private education gives you security in happiness of your children

Modern world changes at a neck-breaking speed. Things that we have taken for granted suddenly age and get replaced by the next novelty that brings the world head down and becomes a part of everyday life. In a reality so dynamic, good education is crucial for the happiness and future of the generation who is still at school.

Good modern education reflects the changes of modernity. It turns the child, the pupil, the student from a passive "consumer" of information into an active person that eagerly seeks to broaden his or her horizons, who has stable knowledge and also the courage to think out of the box. The good modern teachers and professors can guide their students on the road to knowledge, while leaving them to discover on their own on how to overcome challenges and achieve success, thus preparing them for the real life.

This new mental environment asks for educational programmes that are adapted and adequate to the changing times, but which also look forward in the future and read into the most significant trends in development of society and economy on a global scope. Technologies are also crucial. Computers have long become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, and knowledge in informational technologies and programming will be a part of the basic literacy of the future people.

This, however, doesn't mean that the good modern education neglects the arts and humanities. On the contrary. It has been proven, that arts education helps in building of wholesome persons who have an active attitude towards the world; arts also develop the intellectual potential of children.

Good education has long traditions in Bulgarian society. For generations of Bulgarians, it has been a core value, an opportunity for better life and a road to future happiness. Sadly, in spite of its strong traditions, the Bulgarian state education now lags behind the modern educational trends. Its development is delayed not only on regards of equipment and usage of technologies in the classroom and the university. The education programmes change too slow to fit the changes in the world. They still emphasise on memorising and reproduction of information, instead of its analysing, digestion and interpretation by the children.

Happily, private educational institutions are here to fill the gap. In Bulgaria there is now a number of private kindergartens, schools and universities that offer an excellent quality of education in line with the latest world trends. The amenities and the technologies at these places are excellent, as is the education received by the students. The pupils in private schools are winning international competitions and olympiads on a regular basis and have more opportunities for exploring arts, sports and sciences than their peers in state schools. When they graduate, they are highly competitive on the labour market – in Bulgaria and abroad.

The private educational centres have also an important place in modern education. The quality ones put the stress on innovative programmes and subjects that fit the interests of the children, develop their talents and skills, and simultaneously prepare them from an early age for the challenges of school and life. The Children's Academy of Sciences, Arts and Sports (, for example, has created its own programme for advanced education. It is for kids of age between 4 and 19 and includes a range of subjects in all fields – from mathematics and natural sciences to foreign languages and sports like horse riding and swimming to getting in touch with traditional and modern arts. Many parents have seen for themselves the advantages of this approach.

"Advanced education develops the potential and talents of a kid from an early age," says Irina Shopova, founder and director of the Children's Academy. "It aims to provoke interest, to boost creativity and to help the child to absorb easily and quickly new knowledge and skills. The sooner a kid discovers his or her talents and strong points, the more confident and interesting person will he or she become as an adult."

American University in Bulgaria: Western education here
The years at university are among the most important journeys in life – but where will they take you, depends on the quality of your education. The American University in Bulgaria (Blagoevgrad, 1 G. Izmirliev Sq, guarantees to its students a successful career, friendships and contacts for life, and confidence from a choice wisely made. At AUBG you discover the best courses and majors for you, explore your artistic or academic talents, while you are surrounded by students and professors from all over the world. The AUBG diploma is recognised in Bulgaria and the US, and have EU supplement. The top quality education follows the American liberal arts style with professors from 5 continents. The students have an easy access to financial support and scholarships, and the exchange programmes with over 300 universities from all over the world are an opportunity to study abroad. There are over 40 students' clubs, and the university complex is the most modern in Bulgaria. As a result, the AUBG has more than 4,000 successful alumni around the world. The graduates of the AUBG are one of the most sought-after specialists, and receive some of the highest incomes in their fields, according to a national ranking system maintained by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education. All five of the academic programs at AUBG that were listed in the 2014 survey – Economics, Computer Science, Business Administration, Political Science, and Journalism and Mass Communication – were ranked among the top in the country, with Business Administration and Journalism rated as Bulgaria’s best.

American English Academy: The best international quality
Founded in 1992, the American English Academy (Sofia, Lozen, phone: 02 973 1222, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., is one of the first international schools in Bulgaria. It is targeted towards the foreign community and Bulgarian families that strive to give the best education to their children. The АЕА covers the complete education from kindergarten to the 12th grade and applies holistic approach, with emphasis on four basic elements – curriculum, students' life, development of social skills, career and university guidance. AЕА applies the best international practices and follows the Common Core educational standards. The academy provides children with supportive study environment that helps in formation of critical thinking and sharing of creative ideas. The classrooms are equipped with interactive smart boards and the lessons are structured in accordance with the essence of the subject – as a lecture, discussion, role play, laboratory experiment or another hands-on experience. English is the language of instruction. Children for whom it is a secondary tongue get special help from qualified teachers and specialists.

British Schools in Bulgaria: The best of British education, here

Your child doesn't need to go to the UK to receive the best of Britain's renowned education – the British Schools in Bulgaria (Sofia, 1 Ekaterina Nencheva St, phone: 0700 10 908, provide the same quality and system. The institution offers education from nursery to secondary school, in accordance with the strongest tradition of British education: from the mandatory uniforms, to the diverse and stimulating curriculum to the studying of the English language since the beginning. The British Kindergarten of Sofia is for students aged 3-5, and stresses on personal, social and emotional development; English communication and literacy; problem solving. The British School of Sofia is for students from 5 to 11 years of age, the curriculum encourages them to learn more and be better, and includes subjects ranging from English and Mathematics to Information technologies, plus studying of more foreign languages. The British College of Sofia is for students for up to 17 years old, and prepares them for their A level exams (or the International Baccalaureate IB), the gate to higher education in the UK.

Nursery and Kindergarten Veselite Kambanki: Useful fun

Education through games and practical activities is incredibly effective and the team of Nursery and Kindergarten Veselite Kambanki (Sofia, 17 Danail Krapchev St, phones: 0878 610 822, 0885 238 467, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., applies the best practices in the field to build up intelligent, inquisitive and happy children. Situated at a pleasant house, with a range of play sets in the garden and modern furnishing and equipment, Veselite Kambanki is open for kids between one-and-a-half and seven years of age in full- or half-day form. Under the care of qualified specialists, the children discover the world while following their personal interests and talents. The kindergarten is licensed by the Ministry of Education. The programme is build up on the principles of humane pedagogics and is in accordance with the Bulgarian state educational requirements. An accent are the children’s music academy, the early study of English language, the variety of sports and dance classes. The programme for advanced development guarantees successful entry in elite schools.

NordStudeo: Let's talk Nordic
The initiative and the courage to offer the people an opportunity to learn something new, interesting and useful is one of the strongest points of private education, and NordStudeo Language School (Sofia, 145 Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi Blvd, is among the best examples for this. Founded in 2001, the school is the first and only in Bulgaria that specialises in teaching of the languages of the tongues of the Germanic language group. Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish and Danish are included in its portfolio, together with Bulgarian language courses for foreigners speaking these tongues. NordStudeo is constantly enriching the list of its offers, with opportunities like distant education to clients living outside Sofia, as well as courses in medicine and business terminology in languages of the Germanic group.

Playsense Toy Stores: The toys of the happy child
There are toys and toys - some are beautiful, and others are fashionable, yet, not all of these fit the most important requirement: to be helpful for the physical, emotional, mental and psychological development of the kid. The toys and educational products at Playsense Toy Stores (Sofia, 55 Tsar Simeon St, phone: 02 950 7834; Plovdiv, Mall Plovdiv, phone: 032 240 252; Varna, Grand Mall, phone: 0877 677 393; FB: Playsense) tick all the boxes. Made of wood and certified for safety, they are eco-friendly and help the children to develop their imagination and aesthetic sense, while learning important things about life, like the colours, the shapes, the numbers, the letters and more. The toys at Playsense are created to serve the different stages of children's development needs and are equally helpful both at home and at the kindergarten. They are also essential for specialists working with children with developmental disorders. At home, they are an occasion for the parents and children to share a moment of gameplay, of communication and creation of nice, memorable moments together.

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