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The good quality education in Bulgaria gives great results

A physics teacher, Teodosiy Teodosiev from Kazanlak, was chosen for the Man of the Year 2014, with a public vote, for a single reason. In spite of difficulties and lack of funding, throughout the years he has taught a number of Bulgarian students to an extent that they are now the regular winners of prestigious international competitions in applied maths and physics. The story of this humble man is more than inspiring. It demonstrates the potential of good quality education.

Bulgaria has indeed strong traditions in providing top quality education. It began in the mid-19th Century, when the growing middle class understood the power of knowledge, and dozens of publicly funded schools appeared years before Bulgaria regained its independence from the Ottomans, in 1878. In the years to follow, the state invested in opening of universities and more schools, and the trend continued during Socialism. Education suffered badly from the economic difficulties of the Transitional Period, and became chronically underfunded, lacking of clear perspective for reform and modernisation. Many teachers lost their motivation.

But the picture is not that grim. There are still teachers, like Teodosiy Teodosiev, who continue doing their job with dedication and the feel of personal mission. New technologies and methods of education are making their way into the Bulgarian schools, and the best state universities hold to their reputation and traditions to provide good education.

One of the greatest changes in Bulgarian education after 1989, was the return of private schools, colleges and universities. At the beginning, they were looked at with suspicion, and the general notion was that they were places where rich but not so bright students could get education, avoiding the strict standards of elite state schools and universities.

But soon it transpired, that private education is on a par with, or is even better than, the state one. Private schools in Bulgaria adopted new technologies and methods of education earlier, and offer a wider range of subjects and courses. Their curriculum is more practically oriented, and as a result, today the top positions at national matriculation exams are often taken by students from private schools. The same goes for the private universities. A number of them had won the prestige of being the places for receiving practical education by leading tutors, and their alumni are preferred on the labour market.

Medical University – Plovdiv: Dedicated to humanity
Studying medicine is one of the hardest vocations in the world: it requires talent, dedication and ambition for constant improvement and life-long learning. In the 70 years of its academic existence, Medical University – Plovdiv (Plovdiv, 15 Vasil Aprilov Blvd) has become a leading medical education institution in Bulgaria. The university focuses on improving its infrastructure, expanding the qualifications of its faculty, developing research opportunities and extending international partnerships. The university comprises of four faculties – Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Public Health, as well as Medical College and the Department of Languages and Specialised Training. MU – Plovdiv offers a wide range of opportunities for specialisations, PhD programs and research projects. The university is a member of the Erasmus+ program, it hosts international conferences and organises public lectures by distinguished foreign lecturers from the best universities in the world. That is why Medical University – Plovdiv has the reputation as a preferred higher education institution by many foreign students in Bulgaria.

American University in Bulgaria: Your education destination
When the American University in Bulgaria opened its doors in 1991 in Blagoevgrad, many people were wondering how could a completely new university outside of Sofia be any kind of competition to the old, established state universities. But sooner that anyone could expect, AUBG proved itself to be one of the best institutions for higher education in Bulgaria and the region, standing on top of national university ratings.
The students of AUBG graduate with two internationally recognised diplomas, and are exposed to an excellent American liberal arts education, taught by an exceptional team of professors. Young people from more than 40 countries have chosen the American University in Bulgaria as their education destination.

AUBG offers an EMBA programme in Sofia, and it is unique for both Bulgaria and the Balkan region. The education is entirely in English and focuses on real-life strategic and operational problems of the contemporary business. The programme is four semesters long, offered in a cumulative period of 16 months thus allowing the working managers to obtain an internationally recognised business education without disrupting their professional responsibilities. The programme is accredited in both Bulgaria and the US, and is taught by excellent international faculty and leading practitioners, who stress on both theory and practice.

New Bulgarian University: Future is in your hands
When you want to improve your qualification without leaving your job, or are eager to learn the most important things in arts and business from the best practitioners in these fields, the Department for Distance, Electronic and Continuing Education at the New Bulgarian University is for you. The department manages the alternative forms of education in the university, while focusing on application of high technologies and brand new strategy for accumulation of knowledge and skills. With its activity, the department aims to draw closer the academia and the practice, and succeeds in this with offering a widening range of classes for mastering of skills which could become a profession.

First Private Math High School: An outstretched arm

Discipline, motivation and prospects for future realisation are key when you chose a private school for your child. With First Private Math High school and Pythagoras Private Primary School (Sofia, 59 Gen. Skobelev Blvd, phone: 02 971 3300) you can be sure. The only private school specialising in maths and informational technologies in Bulgaria has won the fame of a national leader thanks to the strict rules, the plenty of extracurricular activities and the wide spectrum of participation in national and international competitions and initiatives. The students enter after a contested exam and are taught by the best math teachers in Bulgaria, with the help of the most advanced modern educational technologies. The best of them receive scholarships. After graduation, the alumni continue their education in the best Bulgarian and world universities.

Drujba Schools: The name of excellent education
Whether you are looking for a suitable preschool class or a supportive environment for your middle-school child, Drujba schools are an excellent option. The network of educational institutions includes a private primary, high school and educational centre in Sofia and a school in Plovdiv, all of which take care to address the full potential of the individual from pre-school till 12th grade. Language studies are essential. The high school in Sofia offers instruction in English and Spanish with second languages being German and Turkish, with the natural sciences module being taught through English. Students take part in many extracurricular activities designed to diversify their school life, such as theatre workshops, football and chess, interest clubs and sports competitions, along with trips both in Bulgaria and abroad. The caring atmosphere and good infrastructure enhance their learning experience, and university application courses help them prepare for their future path in prestigious universities in Bulgaria and abroad.

British Schools in Bulgaria: The best of British education

Your child doesn't need to go to the UK to receive the best of Britain's renowned education – the British Schools in Bulgariaritish Schools in Bulgaria (Sofia, 1 Ekaterina Nencheva St, phone: 0700 10 908) provide the same quality and system. The institution offers education from nursery to secondary school, in accordance with the strongest tradition of British education: from the mandatory uniforms, to the diverse and stimulating curriculum to the studying of the English language since the beginning. The British Kindergarten of Sofia is for children aged 3-5, and stresses on personal, social and emotional development; English communication and literacy; problem solving. The British School of Sofia is for students from 5 to 11 years of age, the curriculum encourages them to learn more and be better, and includes subjects ranging from English and Mathematics to Information technologies, plus studying of more foreign languages. The British College of Sofia is for students for up to 17 years old, and prepares them for their A level exams (or the International Baccalaureate IB), the gate to higher education in the UK.

Lipa 4:19 Bulgaria: Summer is for learning
The Bulgarian branch of the famed Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (Sofia, 135 Dondukov Blvd; phone: 0876 887 419; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; is ready with two impressive programmes which use the summer vacation for learning and improvement. From 28 June to 15 August, LILA* Teens organises in Liverpool English language courses and English language courses with football coaching, where children can improve their English and sports skills in a native-speaking and safe environment. The programmes are at least one week long and students are provided with pastoral care, intensive studying, and plenty of opportunities to travel and have fun with their new friends. At the end of the course, they receive a LILA* certificate.

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