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How to give only the best to your children

Being a parent is the toughest job in the world, and the modern way of living makes it tougher. Contemporary parents have to worry not only if their children are healthy and well fed. They are also have to think of their kids' future and present education, of how to help them with their choice of future careers, of how to bring them up in a wholesome atmosphere and to expose them, carefully, to sports, outdoor activities, arts and to the ever changing modern technology. On the top of that, modern parents have to squeeze all these concerns in a lifestyle that leaves them little space and time for themselves.

And yet, being a parent is the greatest thing in the world and happily, we are now increasingly aware of how to raise a child efficiently in this world. The very notion of children is changing, inspired by changes in science.

Now we know that children are explorers. They see the world, eyes wide open, and try to understand its workings, be it with mastering the speaking of one or more languages, with learning the difference between tastes or melodies, and with discoveries like that the sky is blue. Young children do experiments and write in their young brains tons of knowledge that would later be of use.

Knowing this, modern parents are better fit to provide the best possible care for their children. The strict daily routine of the kid now can be replaced with more relaxed one, letting the child to explore its environs, the relationships and interactions between adults and siblings, to build herself or himself as a wholesome human being.

Clothes should be relaxed and comfortable, for they should not prevent the child from his or hers explorations. The usage of modern gadgets like TVs, smartphones and computers should be limited in child's presence, for they interfere with the natural exploration of the non-virtual world, that is crucial for the development of the child. As for toys, the multitude of cheap plastic and plush toys, dolls, etc, etc, should be replaced with lesser in quantity but better in quality toys of natural materials. For toys are more than something to have fun: they help children to learn and to develop relationships with the world. Often something as simple as an old pomegranate with the dried seeds rattling inside will engage a kid for longer than a plastic rattler.

There are three areas in childcare, however, where the parents cannot cope without outside help: healthcare, nutrition, and education. Until recently, the first one seemed obvious. But nowadays it doesn't seem so simple. The area is now buzzing with debates about vaccinations, usage of antibiotics, treatment and diagnosis of autism, and much more. Being informed is crucial but as the internet is an unreliable source of information for non-specialists, always consult with professionals with excellent qualifications and reputation.

Providing proper food for your child goes way beyond the restriction of chocolate, chips, fizzy drinks and suchlike. We all remember how we hated eating spinach when we were kids. But thanks to modern science and development of nutrition, now is easier to feed your child more healthily. Nothing can beat the home-made food of organic ingredients, but if you are too busy to do it, ask for help from a specialised children kitchen.

Children are masters of learning. They can master foreign languages way easier than adults, and they can grasp complex mathematical ideas if they are explained properly for their age. They enthusiastically explore their artistic talents, and they have tons of energy to spend on sports and outdoor activities. You need the help of the best in the field to provide your children with proper education. Thankfully, there are now nurseries, kindergartens and children's centres with carefully crafted educational programmes, who understand and apply the philosophy of modern education through play.

Les Petits Princes Kindergarten: Learning while having fun
Les Petits Princes is a lot more than the first and only Francophone kindergarten and nursery in Bulgaria (Sofia, Dragalevtsi, 8 Bella Donna St, phones: 02 967 0540, 0884 133 580, Inspired by the desire to hand on love for French culture and languages to kids of all nationalities, Les Petits Princes believes in the individual approach, respect and attention. The kindergarten organises as well a variety of activities that help the children to grow healthy and happy. The programme includes music, swimming, horse-riding, dance and acrobatics, ski school, football and tennis.

Bio Idea BG: With a baby on the road
Travelling frees the mind, but when you have a small baby with you the experience turns into a challenge. Thanks to Bio Idea BG ( you can now immerse into this emotion without worries. The self-warming baby feeding bottle iiamo go ( is an innovative designer's product made in Denmark. The bottle warms up milk or breast milk to 37°C in only four minutes, without electricity or cables. It can be used everyday as well for water, juice, milk, and is in line with all European regulations for safety and harmlessness of baby products. The Pink Lining baby bags offered by Bio Idea BG are not only beautiful. They have room for everything that the baby and the mother need: from a changing mat and watertight bag for wet clothes, to key ring, phone compartment, diapers' pockets. The handles are comfortable and don't tire the back, and everything is twice better from the fact that Pink Lining has as well a twins' version.

Hermann Hesse Private Kindergarten: Dedication and excellent conditions
The name of Hermann Hesse Private Kindergarten (Sofia, Druzhba, 63 Tirana St, phone: 02 494 0055, 0889 516 363, has been chosen deliberately. The newest private kindergarten in the capital is a part of the forward-thinking and innovative German-speaking community that bears the name of the famed writer. The study of German after the most modern approaches by children aged one to six years is the kindergarten's main mission. At Hermann Hesse the kids acquire knowledge that builds them as wholesome personalities in a completely renovated building with a garden, in close proximity to Sofia Airport and Tsarigradsko Shose Boulevard. The skilled staff is attentive and careful, applying individual approach to each kid. As a result, the children go to Hermann Hesse with joy. For the corporate readers of Vagabond, the kindergarten offers groups for employees' children, with the opportunity for organised transportation.

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