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Find the rich choice of dental clinics and services throughout the country

One thing stays beyond the range of even the best state healthcare systems – full dental care which keeps your smile in a splendid condition. If you live in a country such as Germany or Britain, you may count on your health insurance to cover a couple of fillings, an X-ray and a scheduled visit at the dentist per year. Is that enough? Not if you need tooth restoration, root canal treatment or prosthetics.

But prices of private dental care will strain your finances in most European countries. Bulgaria is an exception. The dental specialists have excellent training, hold qualifications from world-renown institutes and universities, and the technology is last generation. The difference in expenses is manifold – if a ceramic veneer per tooth would cost you up to 2000 pounds in Britain, the price in Bulgaria is about 400 pounds. Bulgarian clinics carry out the whole range of dental services: from surgery and implants to teeth whitening and orthodontics. Clients from abroad grow in number the whole time – health tourists from Israel, Russia, the European Union and other countries combine their holiday with several visits to the dentist.
It is worth planning more time to solve your dental problems once and for all.

For overall dental work, look for a clinic with good specialists in the basic branches of dentistry, which can offer you fast technological solutions and contemporary methods of work. VD Dent is a dental clinic that offers treatment in the field of dental esthetics, periodontology, oral surgery and implantology, as well as orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. The dentists from the clinic are highly qualified and specialise in different fields to give optimal care to the patients. The main aim of the clinic is to give you a beautiful smile and excellent dental health by combining the professional knowledge of the team with modern equipment and attention to detail.

Laser treatment has revolutionised dental medicine – the procedures are pain-free and quick, bringing down the number of visits and removing the discomfort for the patient. Dr Iren Vlahova uses laser for treatment of all sorts of dental conditions – noiseless and painless treatment of cavities, periodontological conditions, little or big surgeries, laser teeth whitening which is much more harmless and of quality than the home teeth whitening. Work with a laser requires high qualification, knowledge of the equipment, its parameters and its potential. That is why Dr Vlahova has trained with famous specialists from the United States, Italy and Austria.

Orthodontic treatment with braces is preferred method for permanent correction of teeth rows since they produce a lasting and significant result even with serious problems. With the Insignia braces by Ormco, you will achieve excellent effect. Specialised software analyses the position of each tooth to give you the exact angle of the separate tooth brace. All parts of the set are produced by individualised plan and are positioned with extreme care. This way together with your dentist you have full control over your treatment, as well as 3D visualisation of the desired result.

Combine your dental treatment in Confident clinic with a pleasant holiday in Bulgaria. The team will take care of the details about your treatment, trip and stay. The clinic has 20 years of experience and is equipped with modern and hi-tech apparatus. Make the most of the services of specialists in the field of esthetic surgery, implantology, oral surgery, parodontology and endodontics.

Trust the team with 12 years of experience in the professional and competent service with high quality materials and innovative dental equipment. If the dental changes you want are predominantly cosmetic, trust a specialist with a practice like that. Dr Mariya Dyukendzhieva has a degree in dental medicine from Plovdiv and a specialisation in prosthetic dental medicine. In MGD Dental Studio the specialists are improving all the time with courses with world-renown specialists in esthetic and cosmetic dental medicine, functional occlusion and parodontal surgery. All kinds of dental medical procedures are on offer, but the clinic specialises in the area of esthetic dental medicine. Here you can change your smile, get veneers done or whiten your teeth with laser. The rooms are equipped with hi-tech last generation apparatus and the team gives you personal attention and individual dental assistance.

The advantage of visiting the same dentist regularly is that you receive individual care and advice. Choose a clinic such as Orthodent, which offers the whole range of dental services – from restoration and prosthetics to surgery and orthodontics. Children get special attention, and the experienced dental team works with contemporary technologies and treatment methods.

The fast development of dental technologies works in your favour – procedures which may have been impossible or prohibitively expensive a couple of years ago are now standard. The team of the dental clinic Smile Centre Family knows how important it is that the specialists are kept in touch with innovations, and that is why the clinic is equipped with the latest technologies for endodontics, periodontics and cariesology. Smile Centre Family stresses on pediatric dentistry, with dentists starting prophylaxis with children in very early age.

Need complex treatment? In Dental Practice Dr Petar Petrov the services cover almost the whole spectrum of dental help. Here you can get restorative therapy, endodontic, prosthetic and parodontic treatment. Complete your new smile with teeth whitening procedure and then proudly show your splendid new appearance.

The shining smile carries great significance and is a sign of health and wellness, and lately has been growing more and more into a status symbol as well. In TEXTURA DENTAL STUDIO dental laboratory the clients find everything under the same roof: high-tech apparatus, competent medical personnel and high-quality dental constructions – the main prerequisites for a flawless smile.

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