Until 21 February scent of Thailand enriches the atmosphere of the top-tier hotel
You may be an ordinary tourist on the constant lookout for new destinations to explore, or may be in the tourist business - whatever the category you fall in, the HOLIDAY AND SPA EXPO 2014 is just for you.
To be successful in what you do is easy - you just need to be the best. But to be the best is difficult because it requires a clear vision and perseverance. When a winery is nominated a No.1 in…
If you still don't have plans for the celebration of the New Year, Hilton Sofia's programme is a must
A new test detects the best period for in vitro conception. Dr Daniela Savova, obstetrician and gynaecologist in Dr Shterev Hospital, elaborates
The Kohinoor Indian restaurant offers authentic Indian food right in the city center - very close to NDK, or The National Palace of Culture.
Sixteen Bulgarians suffering from cataract already see clearly, thanks to the advanced AkkoLens-LUMINA accommodative intraocular lenses. The revolutionary implants change dioptre and help patients to throw glasses away.
A pleased customer is the best advertisement for the creative team of the furnishing company FILMAR 74.
Alaric brings personal investment and service to a new level
When we share a glass of first-class red wine, the conversation always takes philosophical di­rection. The dense colour, the soft tastes of dark chocolate and sweet black berries inspire us to ask the eternal question and to look for the…
LIPA 4:19 BULGARIA is the only European branch outside of the UK of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, or LIPA, one of the most prestigious institutes for performing arts created by the legendary Sir Paul McCartney, a patron of…
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Racism, poverty mark Covid-19 blocked Sofia

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CEO of America for Bulgaria Foundation explains what United Against COVID-19 is

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