Released for the first time in 1999, the GEOCUBE® Collection by Coeur de Lion is regarded as a classic German design, and creator and designer Carola Eckrodt reinterprets it every year.
Natural pearls are a wonderful gift for any occasion, but when you want to say something more to the woman you love, do it with necklace and bracelet with heart-shaped pendant by Yuno Pearls.
When we love someone (and this includes ourselves) only the best is good enough.
An inspiring trip alongside the impressive Rila and Pirin mountain ranges. A visit of the UNESCO-listed Rila Monastery or of the medieval churches in nearby Boboshevo, and Rozhen Monastery. Wine tastings at distinguished wine cellars in the lower Struma Valley…
Long before she created her consultancy company Talent Link Bulgaria, in 2008, Evgenia 'Jenny' Georgieva knew that it would be one of the most significant professional challenges in her life.
BRATANOV Winery is a typical family company - the materialised dream of a father and his two sons, Daniel and Hristo. The winery opened in October 2010, but the first Bratanov-labeled wine is Merlot vintage 2009. The owners are engaged…
Zaara Estate is a boutique winery located by Glavan Village, at the embrace of Sakar mountain.
Making quality wine is an art, especially when it is laden with the sweet juices of millennia-old history, believe the Minkovs, the family behind Chateau Copsa winery. Located in the heart of the Valley of Roses, the chateau thrives on…
SURPRISE To plant vineyards in one of the best conditions for it. HOPE To make wines that satisfy whims and desires. DREAM To let our feelings and faith lead us instead of accepting rigid rules.
With the EOLIS wines we invite you on a sensorial journey to Bulgaria's Southeast. The EOLIS Family Vineyard is located near the village of Malko Gradishte in the Lyubimets region, in the outskirts of the Eastern Rhodope mountains. 20 years…
Few winegrowers, if any, have stories rivalling that of Ivo Varbanov. A professional classical musician with an international career, he emigrated to London but in 2003 he returned to Bulgaria with a new idea: to start making wine.
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