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The passion for healthy eating is the latest passion of the world, and changing our eating habits can be indeed easy. We just need to pay more attention to the food we buy, and search for organic products with proven origin, from producers who have withstood the test of time.

When talking about organic fruit and vegetables, the name of Gimel Organic is among the first associations. The BIOvegetables with clean BIOgraphy are in all big chain supermarkets and now as well in the company's own HEALTHY ZONE brand stores in Sofia (23 Arsenalski Blvd) and Varna (62 Knyaz Boris I Blvd). These wooden houses are an oasis in the urbanised environment and are favourite spots for fastidious people.

gimel organicThe Gimel shops offer the full range of organic fruit and vegetables from the company's farms, as well as many other products with character: organic olive oil and spices, dairy and meat products, honey and jams, plus a selection of organic wines, pasta, pulses and drinks, selected organic cosmetics and home cleaning products. In the cosy atmosphere there is also space to have a glass of organic freshly squeezed juice or smoothie of organic fruits and vegetables. The kids have also their special place in the HEALTHY ZONES, where they can play while their parents do their shopping.

gimel organicSoon, the HEALTHY ZONE shops will be closer to you. Gimel is developing a franchise chain, with the first shop of it planned for opening in Romania.

Since the establishment of the company 20 years ago, the Gimelians haven't stopped in their effort to be in the avant-garde of the market trends and to educate the taste in the field of healthy eating. In this line is their latest product, Gimel Organic Royal – cut organic salads, washed and ready for eating. They are incredibly balanced combinations of organic vegetables with high content of vitamins and nutrients. The salads have been on the market for several months now and are a product which will not only make your taste buds sing with joy, but also will save your time which you can spend in quiet relaxation from work or share it with your loved ones in the evening.

gimel organic
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gimel organic

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