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Dimitre Tzonev, CEO of Admiral Markets BG Dimitre Tzonev, CEO of Admiral Markets BG

In times of global instability and changes, people with money to invest need the professional help of dedicated traders. Here comes Admiral Markets.

The company offers expert advice on international trading, and is a leader in development of educational programs and technologies to make its clients to succeed and make money. Dimitre Tzonev, CEO of Admiral Markets BG, elaborates on the future of international markets, the company's policy of educating its clients, and how to make your money work for you more efficiently.

With the latest political changes in the West, what are the main trends on the international markets?

The political landscape is changing rapidly not only in the West, but also in the East. The main focus of the investors should not be only on the developed markets but also on the developing markets. Nowadays, the so called 'Emerging Markets' are far more important to the world economy than some of the economies in the West.

Back to the question, based on the political landscape in the West we can expect the unexpected. We can see that the mainstream wants a change in the political class. Many voters are willing to vote for an individual rather than for a political party. The main reason behind this change is that the middle class is fed up with the political class and their promises.

We can see that the living standards of the working class in the US and the EU have been slowly deteriorating for the past 20 years.

What is the future?

The Brexit and the US presidential elections are throwing a lot of uncertainties. However, politicians are not the only ones to blame. In my opinion, the main villains for the uncertain global environment are the central banks around the world. We have unprecedented constant interferences in the markets by the central banks in the West and the East.

Low interest rates are creating unintended consequences of chasing certain asset classes for short period of time. Now, it is the time of the speculators, not of the investors. In this regard, I can say that a person who has some savings should be taking some risks. The central banks around the world are pumping so much liquidity that saving and holding your money in the bank does not make any sense.

Having said all this, the volatility of the markets will increase. Recently, the dollar has been performing really well. The dollar index is very close of breaking up and making new highs. We are expecting that trend to continue until the beginning of next year. Certain commodities, like oil and gold, are in the process of bottoming and if we see some inflation in the US and in China we can expect that those commodities will perform really well starting next year.

Why should a sensible person with money to invest be interested in trading?

This is one of the main reasons why a person with some savings should be looking at learning how to trade. Now, many investors are capitalizing on quick moves of certain asset classes and are making good returns on their investments. The recent moves in the pound are a pure example of how in one night some investors made millions of dollars and how some lost a lot of their savings. The central banks and the governments around the world are pushing regular people to take risks. The money in the bank is no longer safe. The Cypriot Financial Crisis of 2012-2013 was an example of what could happen in the feature. The EU made some amendments in the current regulatory framework and savers in the banks are also exposed to bank failures.

Why to choose Admiral Markets as a broker?

We at Admiral Markets focus on educating our clients. Every client is important to us regardless of whether he invests $500 or $50,000. We understand that it is hard to take that first step and we would like to be a part of that decision and a part of the process of making you a successful investor. We have the right educational programs. We also offer products and programs for the experienced traders.

How do you secure your information and the connections with your clients? What technologies and platforms do you use and provide?

Half of our company is focused on developing new trading technologies. Our main competitive advantage is that we offer one of the most advanced and sophisticated trading tools in the industry: the Supreme version of Meta Trader. This technologically advanced tool was developed by some of the most successful traders. Because of this new trading tool, we were voted as number one broker in Germany and the UK for two consecutive years. We are constantly upgrading it and we will continue to work hard with our clients to satisfy their trading needs.

As part of our team's effort to provide the best customer service to our clients, every one of our staff has extensive experience as a trader. Our staff understands what it is important to become a successful trader/investor and we are always looking to help in any way we can.

What were the main messages from Admiral Markets UK's annual conference?

The conference's main message is that trading is for everyone. With the help of our educational programs and our staff, we can help anybody who is serious and wants to become a successful trader. We have the right technologies and programs that can also help experienced traders. Most importantly, we are transparent and honest with our clients and we will listen when our clients speak.

Admiral Markets, your international Forex broker

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