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The name of Studio Funkt has become household in this country for the creation of the interiors of some of the most stunning restaurants and bars in Sofia, turning them into spaces where the bold design is as memorable as are the food and the cocktails.

For the young team of architects at Funkt, creative interior design has no limits. From apartments to houses and from offices to establishments, they always end up with custom design conceptual solutions, without sacrificing the comfort and the practicality. Aiming to achieve uniqueness and perfection, Funkt also produces its own line of furniture and lampshades.

The talent of Funkt has been widely recognised. The studio has received several Public Interior of the Year awards, and was shortlisted for the Best Bar in Europe category of the Best Bar and Restaurant Design Awards 2015/2016 in London. Funkt's furniture line has been presented during the Vienna Design Week, Helsinki World Capital of Design, Ljubljana Design Week, and One Design Week Plovdiv.

Sofia, 54B Milin Kamak St
phone: 0878 570 905

Funkt Studio

Funkt Studio

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