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In the heart of Sofia, in the prestigious TZUM shopping centre, both children and adults will discover the home of the world's most famous teddy bear, the one that inspired Winnie-the-Pooh and became a friend to generations of children. The teddy bear by Steiff.

The story of how this famous toy reached Bulgaria resembles a fairy tale.

Long, long time ago, in 1880, in the German city of Giengen, a factory for soft toys opened. Twenty-two years passed. And then, Margarete Steiff and her nephew Richard created a toy like no other. A teddy bear. The toy was based on the sketches of real bears made by Richard in the course of months in the local zoo.

The inventors called the toy Bär 55PB, and presented it officially on the Leipzig trade fair in 1903. Not a single bear was sold throughout the event, but shortly before its end, an American merchant commissioned 3,000 of them.

In mere years, the teddy bear conquered the world. In 1907, over a million of the toys were manufactured and sold.

True to their motto, "For children only the best is good enough," the creators of the teddy bear offer a wide variety of other toys, which are hand-made of top-quality materials and with great love for the detail. Each item is signed with a flag with the famed "Button in the ear," which Richard Steiff introduced to protect his toys from counterfeiters.

In the US and the rest of the English-speaking world, the toy became known as a teddy bear in extraordinary circumstances, after the American president Theodor Roosevelt, whose friends called him Teddy. This is how it happened. Although he was a passionate hunter, in 1902 Roosevelt saved a little bear. The case gained enormous publicity in the US, and when the new German bear toys hit the market, they became known as teddy bears.

Steiff is the only manufacturer in the world with its own fabric factory, guaranteeing the incredible quality of the materials used. The company voluntarily applies higher standards than the required by the law, because only toys of the finest quality deserve the label Steiff.

That is why Steiff's cute cuddly creatures are indispensable friends not only during the childhood, but for life.  

Many women prefer a Steiff toy than a bouquet of flowers, and many connoisseurs collect the rare and luxurious Original Classic Collection, Studio Stars, Replicas and Limited Editions, made of mohair or alpaca.

Steiff's baby items are produced with a gentle care from organic cotton without optical bleaches and allergens, and for maximum safety have embroidered eyes and snouts. The Kids-Collection is of first-class plush or pelz, and can be washed in a standard washing machine.

Twice each year, Steiff releases a fashion collection with beautiful, fashionable and functional baby and children clothes.

You will find all of these in Steiff's representative store in Sofia. Make yourself and your loved ones happy, with a furry friend for life!

Sofia, 2 Maria Louisa Blvd, TZUM
FB: Steiff BG


Steiff toys


Steiff toys


Steiff toys


Steiff toys


Steiff toys



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