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Locked between the Stara Planina and the Rhodope mountains, the Thracian Valley is a fertile, warm and cosy place that has been inhabited since the first farmers arrived in Europe.

It was inevitable that viniculture appeared here and developed for millennia. Today the region's diversity of localities with their microclimate and unique set of soils and conditions give birth to some of the most interesting wines in Bulgaria.

The Thracian Valley is the home of two of Bulgaria's wine varieties, the Mavrud and the Rubin.

Discovering the wines of the Thracian Valley is not a journey of the tastes only. It is a journey of delicious landscapes of river valleys and soft hills protected by mountains, of lush greenery and traditional architecture, of history spanning centuries.

Villa Terres Winery: The power of tradition

Villa TerresLocated an hour's drive from Sofia, Villa Terres is located in one of Bulgaria's oldest wine-producing regions and offers a complex for wine spa and wine and weekend tourism. The winery was established in 2013 and has its own vineyards in the villages of Karabunar, Vinogradets and Slavovitsa. Ivelina Kotseva, a part of the Villa Terres team, tells more.

How your location in one of Bulgaria's oldest winemaking region is reflected in your wines?

The location was selected after a special survey of the terroir, the climate and the relief of the region. The soils in the western part of the Upper Thracian Valley are mainly cinnamon forest, alluvial-colluvial and raisin. The relief is flat. The climate is transitional continental. The winter season is mild and warm. The rainfall is under 500mm, equally divided among the seasons. All of this is beneficial for the creation of high-quality and dense wines with distinctive character, aroma and long aftertaste.

Villa TerresRecommend us a wine of yours.

We recommend you a wine, which is impressive with its characteristics: rose made of Merlot. It has a fine, flowery aroma reminding of a rose, that elegantly passes into the taste.

Karabunar village
phone: 0888 550 140

Villa Yustina Winery: The art of good wine

Villa Yustina WineryNestled by the slopes of the Rhodope, the best location for Mavrud, Villa Yustina Winery is the child of Milko Tsvetkov, owner of  Tomika-Metal, as an exhibition space and experimental base. It combines production of high class wines with wine tourism, a farm and a serious devotion to visual art and regular art events. Enologist and guide Krasimira Kodukova elaborates.

What are the conditions for winemaking in the Rhodope region?
The Rhodope region has rich traditions in winemaking, beginning with the ancient Thracians. It is characterised with moderate continental climate, even distribution of rainfall and clay soils suitable for red wine varieties, particularly the local Mavrud and Rubin. The region is sheltered from both the harsh north winds and from the hot Mediterranean air. Winter and summer are mild. The southern slope with carbonate soils, where our 42 hectares of vineyards are located, allows us to grow as well excellent white grapes.

Villa Yustina WineryRecommend us a wine of yours.

Mavrud and Rubin Monogram is a 100 percent Bulgarian product, aged for 18 months in Bulgarian oak barrels. This wine won our enologist, Vasil Stoyanov, the title Ambassador of Local Varieties by the Union of Enologists in Bulgaria.

Ustina village, 51 Nikola Petkov St,
phone: +359 882 62 66 68


Manastira Winery: Family matters

Manastira Winery
The opening of a winery is always a challenge. The risk that Nikolay and Ani Stamenovi took in 2012, with the creation of Manastira Winery, paid off. They used their 25 years of experience in agriculture to create an interesting winery, and brought their two daughters in the business. Manastira Winery is  in a deep valley in the slopes of the Sredna Gora mountain and has 30 hectares of vineyards with Cabernet Sauvignon, Mavrud, Merlot, Syrah, Ancellotta, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Muscat Ottonel. Deyana Stamenova shares more.

What are the advantages of creating a family winery?

Family wineries face some challenges in finding the balance between business and family relationships, and creating a stable structure and communication. The advantages, however, outnumber them: the shared mission, the ambition, the efforts for achieving success and common values and vision.

Manastira WineryWhich of your wines we definitely have to try?

At Manastira Winery we show not only winemaking's contemporary face, but also the region's history. The Upper Thracian Valley is the best home for the oldest grape variety in Bulgaria, Mavrud. We try to produce quality and interesting wines, while emphasising on this particular grape variety. The wine you should definitely try is Ilaya Mavrud Reserva.

Lesichovo village, near Pazardzhik
phone: +359 887 065 635

Marash Winery Estate: When high class is a mission

Marash Winery Estate
A small, but modern winery aimed at producing high-class wines and spirits after traditional technology: this is in short Marash Winery. The winery pays special attention to the quality of the grapes it uses, and has vineyards in ecologically clean areas. Owner Evgeni Trenchev elaborates.

What are the specifics of the Straldzha region for winemaking? What guides you when you make high class winesа?

Marash Winery was established in 2008 in Straldzha and is named after the eponymous pass in the Stara Planina mountain, a river and a locality in close proximity to the winery. It is located in the southern Thracian Valley, a region known for its cultural traditions and developed viticulture from the time of the Thracians.

Marash Winery makes wines in limited series for restaurants with special attitude to wine, specialised shops and connoisseurs. Our philosophy is to grow our own vineyards and create wines with love for us, wine and wine lovers.

Marash Winery EstateWhich Marash wine we should definitely try?

We are very proud with Lenea Sauvignon Blanc that for three consecutive years has won in different competitions gold medals for best white wine. In 2016 it was awarded the Golden Trophy from the International Balkan Exhibition for the best white wine from the Balkans.

Straldzha, 5 Ivan Rilski St
phone: +359 47 616 070

Sopot winery: Memorable aromas

Sopot wineryLocated in the Tragata region near Sopot and Karlovo, Sopot Winery makes the best of its position. The Stara Planina and the Sredna Gora mountains protect from south and east its 17 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, while the east-west winds bring fresh air. The talus, clay and clay-sand soils are ideal for winemaking. The winery also has a beautiful guesthouse with architecture inspired of local Revival Period traditions and a wonderful restaurant. Georgi Chorbadzhakov, winery's technician, gives us more details.

How do the specificities of the region reflect on the wines of Sopot Winery?

The Sopot region, meaning the Valley of the Roses region, is quite cold, with moderate temperatures in the summer. This helps to keep and strengthen the fruit aromas of the wines. This is a quality that can be hardly achieved in other places. The soil is suitable for the creation of wines with dense taste and long aftertaste.

sopot wineryWhat distinguishes your wines and which of them do you recommend?

Our wines have defined fruit aroma, good and dense body and memorable finish. From our vintages, I recommend Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 – Premium Oak, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 SILENUS, and Syrah 2014 TRAGATA.

Tragata region, Sopot
guesthouse and restaurant: +359 31 392 220
FB: SopotWinery

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