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Fear the mirror? You have put in a lot of effort to improve your body shape, and yet there is still room for improvement? You want a quick and visible transformation? Liposuction scares you because of the surgical intervention?

CoolSculpting is the ideal solution. The innovative method, developed by Harvard scientists, contours your body by... freezing. It forces the frozen fat cells to crystallize and "die" without any damage on the other cells in the body. 

The CoolSculpting procedure is FDA-cleared and certified. Its effect is comparable to one of liposuction with the advantage that CoolSculpting is non-invasive, pain-free and safe.

The procedure is applied to particular body areas – abdomen, bra and back fat, thighs, arms and others – determined by you and the CoolSculpting practice medical doctor. Results start to get visible only after 3 weeks, and achieving your personal goal is individual. Each round eliminates around 30% of subcutaneous fat in the treated area, and lasts an hour. While CoolSculpting change your body, you relax in a comfortable chair, enjoy drinks, read magazines, check emails.

More than 4 million men and women across the world already successfully shaped their body contour without diets, long gym hours, and expensive food supplements: fast, risk-free and easy.

Is CoolSculpting for you? Discover more during your free non-binding consultation at CoolSculpting Center Sofia.

Renowned video producer and presenter Miglena Angelova becomes CoolSculpting brand ambassador in Bulgaria 
CoolSculpting Bulgaria
Miglena Angelova is a woman with broad culture, serious knowledge in different fields and affinity to modern technologies. A successful and respected journalist and a top producer.

"I don't do beautifying procedures. I am scared of needles, scalpels and the such. I do yoga and I am mostly happy with my body. However, as any woman, I would like to change a thing or two in it. CoolSculpting is everything I have ever wanted. Painless, safe, non-invasive avant-garde technology that really sculpts the body in the shape I would, if I could. At CoolSculpting I met a wonderful team of specialists to whom even the most suspicious person (like me :) can trust. Naturally, I did a deep research: the technology is certified by the strictest institution for control of such procedures, the FDA; the habilitated medical staff at CoolSculpting Center Sofia have been trained by the technology manufacturer; I studied in great detail the potential risks and health contradictions in the procedure. Honestly, I took the procedure with calm and enthusiasm. The first stage is already over and I already look at my tiny waist in the mirror. It is now 3-4-5cm thinner, centimetres that neither yoga, nor daily exercise could eradicate. More procedures are to come, and after them I will like myself even more and will wear some dresses I had lost hope of putting on again. How not to love the 21 century and the people who introduce to Bulgaria international avant-garde technologies!"

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