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Dr Branimir Kirilov Dr Branimir Kirilov

Top quality, modern technologies, excellent specialists: regardless of whether you visit Medical Dent for prophylaxis and caries treatment, or to have facets or implants, you will inevitably enjoy individual approach and high professionalism. The fact that implants here come with 50 years of warranty is only the tiniest detail in the picture that makes Medical Dent remarkable. Dr Branimir Kirilov, specialist in implantology and oral surgery, tells more on the novelties and the professionals in the centre.

What is Smile design?

Smile design is a part of the modern technologies we use to give our patients the opportunity to achieve the smile of their dreams. Using this technology we can show how the planned changes will look, and we begin implementing the project only after the patient has liked his new smile. With Smile design we can plan the future smile to the tiniest detail, finding the best shape and size of the tooth in a way corresponding to the patient's appearance. The service is for everyone who values his good looks and excellent health.

When implants are the solution, and when – facets?

Implants and facets are a part of contemporary dentistry, in which the most important thing is the minimally invasive intervention on natural tissues. At Medical Dent we believe that Nature is the greatest creator and we insist on dealing with all cases led by the principle of minimal intervention. Facets are good for people who value the wholesome harmony of their appearance and who need cosmetic changes in their smile. Facets allow the correction of the shape, the size and the colour of the tooth, achieving the smile of your dreams.

Implants are an opportunity to solve the problem with a missing tooth without the need of a significant tooth filing for a bridge. They are the only solution for patients who have lost many of their teeth due to periodontitis, to avoid using dentures, and to enjoy the comfort of fixed bridges. Our experience shows that implants allow many people to restore their pleasure from communication and to have better social adaptability.

This year, we invested in new, most advanced technologies, and we created a "digital floor." Thus we have even better treatment planning and high precision of the results.

What should we know about teeth whitening?

This is a cosmetic manipulation which can change the colour of the teeth. It is comparable with changing of hair colour. I often hear people complain about their teeth's new colour. But let's consider: what would happen if we change the colour of our hair and we don't maintain it. We have protocols for tooth whitening for everyone, in accordance with his particularities, to solve in the best possible way each individual case.

Why the professionals at Medical Dent are highly specialised?

Any of our dentists is a specialist in a certain field, thus allowing us to cover all the corners in dentistry – aesthetic dentistry, implantology, periodontology, endodontics, surgery, prosthetics, children dentistry, orthodontics. Having all the specialists at one place allows us to solve quickly, and in the best possible way, any specific problem.

Sofia, 114 James Bourchier Blvd

phone: 02 963 07 37

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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