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Deyan Blagoev, Business Development Manager of Bulbera Deyan Blagoev, Business Development Manager of Bulbera

This September, a mobile application by a Bulgarian developer, Bulbera, was nominated for the UN's World Summit Awards in the Inclusion & Empowerment category for digital innovations that facilitate equal opportunities, social, economical and political inclusion for everyone. The Protect Your Kid is a free application that helps parents and children to deal with the new, online reality that is everywhere nowadays, providing kids with safety while in the Internet. It allows a full control of the children's devices from a parent's device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

Bulbera, the software development company behind Protect Your Kid, has been on the market for more than 10 years. It is dedicated to the mission of bringing client's ideas to life. Bulbera has worked with partners in the EU and the USA in fields like medicine, data protection, entertainment, tourism, automobile industry, education and more. The company is specialised in mobile applications and websites development, in development of enterprise systems and consultancy.

Deyan Blagoev, Business Development Manager of Bulbera, tells more on the Protect Your Kid app and the important details on working with a mobile application developer.

Your application Protect Your Kid is nominated for an UN award. How does it help the parents? What are its strongest points?

The application is of help in three main areas. Using GPS positioning, it allows the parents to know at any moment where their child is. Parents can also know what their kid is doing on the Internet, through filters for inappropriate content.

They can also stay assured that the child doesn't spend the whole day playing with his or her smartphone, via a time limitation. As an added value, thanks to the Protect Your Kid application children learn how to manage their time by themselves.

Protect Your Kid

What should the client know when he is looking for a mobile application developer?

The most important thing is to find a developer who understands the challenges in front of the client and who can give a proper advice to him. The client is not always aware of what does he want or has unrealistic expectations for the final result. Easing this process is the developer's job. Another important aspect in the developer's work is to be capable of running the tests properly and to be sure that the application is secure from hacker attacks.

What are the processes and stages that your work with clients undergoes for you to be sure that the final product is adequate to the client's idea ?

The first meeting is one of the crucial stages, when it is determined what product the client wants. During it we spend a lot of time in order to understand in details what the client wants and how does he see the finished product. In the process of discussion we advice him what to improve and what to avoid. After two or three discussions the concept is clear and detailed. What follows are several interim inspections where we test the already developed modules. On this stage there could be changes, but they are usually small ones. At the end, we have the finished product.

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