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Peter Brodsky, Co-Founder and CEO of HyperScience Peter Brodsky, Co-Founder and CEO of HyperScience

HyperScience is an artificial intelligence company specialising in the automation of office work. Its machine learning software takes over menial work that people are doing today and frees employees to focus on more complex tasks. Peter Brodsky, Co-Founder and CEO of HyperScience, has been building businesses in machine learning for over a decade. Prior to founding HyperScience, he was a director at SoundCloud, where he led an engineering team that built audio fingerprinting, genre classification, and audio recommendations based on audio analysis and user behaviour. Peter Brodsky is also the founder and CTO of Instinctiv, a startup for software solutions for audio content identification and predictive algorithmic recommendations for media content, which was acquired by SoundCloud in 2012. He graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University.

Besides its HQ in New York, HyperScience has also an office of about 30 software engineers in Sofia.

For what companies and operations are suitable your products for optimisation of back-office work?

We generally work with companies that have teams of 50 or more data entry specialists. Typically, our customers are in finance, insurance, healthcare and government.

How do you secure trouble-free integration of your solutions in the client companies?

We do all our deployments ourselves. The same engineers who build our products are also responsible for making sure those products work for each of our customers.

What is the future of application of AI in business?

Our goal is to help our customers serve their customers better. Banks will be able to approve more mortgages and approve those mortgages faster. Insurance companies will be able to resolve claims faster and more efficiently, which will result in savings those companies can pass on to their customers in the form of lower premiums. Government services will suffer fewer clerical errors, resulting in happier citizens. In healthcare, reducing clerical errors and expediting paper work will result in saved lives.

Sofia, 5 Lachezar Stanchev St
Sopharma Business Towers,
Building A, floor 9

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