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Yuval Ziv, Chief Operating Officer at SafeCharge Yuval Ziv, Chief Operating Officer at SafeCharge

Online payments are now so ubiquitous that we have long accepted them as a part of our everyday lives. Establishing secure, efficient and reliable systems for online commerce, however, is a major task for any company that aims to thrive. Here comes SafeCharge, a company working on making smart payments business-effective and competitive. Yuval Ziv, Chief Operating Officer at SafeCharge, explains more.

What are the advantages of SafeCharge smart payments for companies?

SafeCharge is a payments technology company providing customers with the most sophisticated payments technology available in the market today. Our end-to-end payments platform has the flexibility to adapt to the most complex requirements and support any business model. For our customers, we ensure optimum reliability by guaranteeing service uptime and the safest-possible payment processing capabilities, in addition to full transparency around data, processes and prices. Our flexible platform enables us to grow with customers, supporting the addition of new payment methods and technical capabilities quickly and easily.

Tell us more about your recently launched Marketplace Manager?

Marketplace Manager covers all payment needs of marketplaces at once by leveraging SafeCharge's Payments Engine, a proven technology trusted by the world's most demanding businesses. The solution specifically designed for marketplaces enables:

Regulatory Compliance: Marketplace Manager's fully outsourced API takes full responsibility for all the payment regulation. Meaning marketplaces are relieved from KYC requirements at onboarding, the complication of becoming a "payments institute" as well as descope their PCI compliance liability.
Seamless Onboarding: The Marketplace Manager provides a seamless onboarding process via an API. To get started, sellers only need to provide minimal information while the rest of the KYC information and selection of a pay-out option can be completed at a later stage.
Maximised Conversion: Fully customisable checkout pages provide a localised payment experience, with a choice of the most popular local payment methods in the language and currency of buyers based on their location. For returning buyers, Marketplace Manager also allows for "one-click" checkout.
Smart Payment Management: Upon buyer's payment completion, Marketplace Manager holds the funds in a segregated "escrow account" until the service is fulfilled. With service completion or product delivery the marketplace instructs through an API call to transfer payment from the escrow account to the seller and the commission is automatically paid to the marketplace.
Cost Efficient Pay-Outs: Marketplace Manager enables pay-outs through a large range of local and international payment options. In addition to bank transfers, sellers can be paid instantaneously via prepaid debit cards, credit transfer on a credit card or via all the popular e-wallets.


Unlike our competitors who are essentially repackaging 3rd party payment services, we offer a solution fully built on our proprietary payment platform, SafeCharge Payments Engine. SafeCharge Payments Engine runs its own modern cards acquiring platform, which allows fully transparent pricing based on the interchange+ model and no dependency on any 3rd parties, which means access to more data, more control and the highest standards of reliability and uptime. In addition, SafeCharge Marketplace Manager is the only one stop solution specially designed as a single API covering specifically the needs of marketplaces: hosted seller onboarding, hosted checkout, pay-outs, split payments, reporting, all in a way that enables marketplaces to comply with local and international regulations.

Which businesses benefit from your solutions?

SafeCharge is a future-proof partner with an approach that enables businesses of all shapes and sizes to embrace rapid-technological change. It is an approach which has been endorsed by leading European retailers, and digital content merchants operating in two of the highest velocity, highest volume market sectors in the world; mid-to-large sized merchants demanding secure, high volume processing and transaction optimisation in order to compete successfully in a global market; and fast-growing businesses needing a single payment solution suited to cross-border commerce across all sales channels.

What the PSD2 regulation will bring to the Europe-based companies in 2018 and how can you help them implement these regulations?

PSD2 is a significant evolution of existing regulation for the payments industry. It aims to increase competition, bring into scope new types of payment services, enhance customer protection and security and extend the reach of the existing Directive. For merchants, there will be an impact in different areas:

  • As of January 2018, for those merchants which are surcharging, meaning applying an additional fee to their customers for the use of specific payment method, PSD2 will enforce changes. SafeCharge will help by providing its customers with information on what fee for which payment method can be applied.
  • Once the implementation date for the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements is finalised, SafeCharge will enable automated features for merchants to be able to optimise SCA exemptions (low value, recurring, whitelisting, based on risk and authentication) and apply SCA only when required or when using it will increase conversion.
  • As of Spring 2019, the new PSD2 mandates dictate that marketplaces, which accept payments from buyers and pay out to sellers, should either become a Payment Institution or work with a PSP that can process and hold funds in a compliant manner, taking on the regulatory burden on marketplaces' behalf. That is what SafeCharge is offering with its fully PSD2 compliant solution specifically designed for marketplaces payments called Marketplace Manager.

What is the role of the Bulgarian office of SafeCharge in the company's business?

SafeCharge Bulgaria was established in 2007, as part of our group expansion in EU. Bulgaria has an exceptional talent pool and our employees bring with them a multilingual culture, high level of education, motivation and an affinity to technology and innovation. This, combined with the growth potential makes Bulgaria an ideal location for us.

SafeCharge Bulgaria is now amongst our largest offices with 150 employees. A number of crucial operations such as development, support, risk management support and marketing support are managed from our Bulgarian office. The teams here are a major part of the company group strategy, leading projects, and in engaging with the newest technologies out there.

The Bulgarian office is a key part of our organisation, as the teams collaborate on all of our global projects by using Agile and Scrum philosophy. As with all our offices, we expect the Bulgarian office to continue to expand and execute projects that require our unparalleled, advanced payments technology.

Sofia, 115L Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd
phone: 02 489 5090

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