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In Argentina, love for mate is as strong as one for football. Mate is perceived as a drink that helps people stay strong and healthy, and as a tradition that unites. It is consumed the year round – in winter with hot water as tea, and in summer with cold fruit juice.

Argentinian love for mate has deep roots. The Guarani people discovered that infused leaves of the mate tree boost energy and immunity; erase fatigue; improve the mood; lower stress; regulate digestion; normalise blood pressure; facilitate metabolism; stimulate intellectual and physical activity. Research shows that mate is good for both adults and children, for the inhabitants of the big cities who live under stress, as well as for people who want to reduce their coffee intake, to stay fit or loose weight.

Mate can be combined with a variety of herbs, like mint, amaranth, moringa, catuaba, guarana, camomile, common balm, lemon grass and others, and fruits like lemon, orange, pomelo.

Obicham MATE

Mate brings vigour and energy, individuality and creativity, and good mood. The world is one whole, and mate is already in Bulgaria.

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Obicham MATE

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