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VELACLINIC is the author and creator of its own, unique and successful model for child healthcare, proven repeatedly with its results during its 18-year history.

The model is based on the fact that the course of a child's disease could change extremely and dynamically – for hours, very often in unexpected and critical twists and directions, which requires constant monitoring of the disease, to ensure always a successful cure. In order to respond to that need, we have created a unique subscription plan that allows our subscribers unlimited 24/7 hour access to all services of the clinics in both cities – Sofia and Plovdiv.

We monitor every disease of every child with multiple and almost daily checkups, and for maximum effectiveness of this process of treatment we have built our own system of electronic files, as well as a system of standard operating procedures and corporate culture that requires special treatment of our patients and constantly increases the professional standards of our team.

Actually, for one monthly subscription fee for all children in the family, regardless of their number, patients have 24/7 unlimited access to our clinics. We never measure, limit, or charge the particular number of checkups and efforts that we put into achieving successful results.

Vela Clinic

For 18 years we successfully created 3 clinics in Sofia and Plovdiv, over 8,500 families trusted our company. We provide full and complex care for thousands of children, as we perform over 200 checkups 24/7 daily, and have an effective Pediatric and Midwife consultation for the prevention of early childhood conditions according to the highest modern medical standards. One of the most eloquent indicators for good results is the extremely low rate of hospitalization of our subscribers, compared to the best clinics by equal parameters in Europe and the USA.

VELACLINIC constantly develops, refines and updates its standards! We pride ourselves in recently building a modern Day Care Unit fully-equipped for infusion therapy and monitoring as well as our own internal Clinical Laboratory.

We take the time necessary to take great care of your child and make sure all your questions are answered.

Pediatric clinic
2 Lyuben Karavelov St, floor 2
phone: 0878 64 1919

Newborn Services and Early Child Development
4 Lyuben Karavelov St
phone: 0878 64 7117

Lozenets, 8 Lale St
phone: 0878 64 1818

Vela Clinic

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