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What is a perfect space?

Every form of inhabitation, be it residential or public, is a part of our everyday life. All the time we exist in some kind of space. That is why the space should be designed in a way to fulfil impeccably its function, recreating the desired emotion of its inhabitants. Imagine a candle-lit dinner in a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, a beautiful street lit by lanterns, the cosiness of home with a comfortable sofa in front of a fireplace and the sound of quiet piano. All of these are elements of the interior and a part of the projects by Base Design: the lightning, the pieces of furniture that are comfortable and pleasant to touch, the balanced sound.

Base Design Studio

A home, a public interior, a restaurant, a café, a shop: each of these spaces has its specificities that make it "perfect." The answers are as many as are the inhabitants of a particular home, the citizens in the public space, the patrons of the café or restaurant, the shoppers at the store. In all cases, a perfect space unites functionality, comfort, innovation, aesthetics.

Base Design Studio

How Base Design creates perfect spaces?

Base Design is a studio that has the resources, knowledge and inspiration to turn every challenge into a perfect space. The combination of enthusiasm and experience, bravery to take risks and to search innovative solutions turns every project by Base Design into a piece of art that, however, is perfectly habitable in full comfort.

Base Design Studio

What projects are in the Base Design portfolio?

Base Design has a significant experience in realisation of public and residential interiors: apartments and penthouses, family and holiday homes, offices, restaurants, cafés and bars. The studio loves provocation and difficult tasks, and solves them with ease. The studio's interiors bring joy to inhabitants and visitors not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad.

Base Design Studio

Interior and high technologies

High technologies are BASE's particular passion. In the past few years these became an indispensable part of the interior and the home turned into an intelligent machine that knows when you come home, when you go out, when does the sun set in order to switch on the lights, to turn on the heating, etc. All of that, combined with the appropriate materials of the furniture, the shape and the colour, creates a unique atmosphere and cosiness, designed specifically for the clients to meet their individual requirements and habits.

Base Design Studio

Who are Base Design's people?

In the studio work young and enthusiastic professionals who follow the latest trends in interior design in all of its fields. Teamwork, attention to detail and precise combination of elements in the interior are the ingredients for achieving good results and satisfied clients. Thanks to their out-of-the-box thinking and attention to detail, the professionals at Base Design always succeed in transforming the environment and the quality of life of their clients, regardless of the specificities of the given project.


Sofia, 22 Prof. Dr. Dimitar Atanasov St

phone: +359 883 368498

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Base Design Studio



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