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NOBLIE is a registered trade mark for exclusive collectibles. It offers to the discerning art lover selected group of objects and crafts that serve as symbols of strength and valour.

The Name

The company's name originates from a French phrase "Noblesse oblige" meaning "Nobility obliges". The two words combination signifies the privilege, the obligation and gesture of valour to create and share all the beautiful things.


The Logo

NOBLIE's logo symbolises a coat of arms where each element reveals its own meaning. The oak leaf represents longevity, strength and tradition. The leather stands for quality and beauty. The vine is the abundance of fertility and peace. All these symbols are blended in the circle sign of infinity with the monogramed letters N and B.


The Mission

The luxury goods with the brand NOBLIE bear their own noble aesthetics and are self-evident in their artistry and craftsmanship. The company has selected a large amount of precious pieces of art and would like to display them in their full splendour to all art lovers. It invites you to view and enjoy its collection and to share the excitement of the unique works of art.

What makes NOBLIE's collection exclusive is the mastery of its creators. The talents clearly shown in each of the following items are the results of a long tradition passed on from one generation to another. Each piece is an unique artwork melted into the perfection of form and decoration.



Dear connoisseurs and collectors,

It is our pleasure to introduce to you a new series of exquisite objects of art with the brand NOBLIE, featured in the representative catalogue YOUR EXCELLENCE.

We continue our tradition to select and show under our brand objects of art with a distinctive style, borne by original design, skilled workmanship and elegant decoration.

The YOUR EXCELLENCE collection is dedicated to perfection in shapes and details, transferred to every of the exhibits. The topics they cover additionally underline the artistic value of the objects and have hidden messages to their owners.

You are cordially invited to see our exhibition and to share the aesthetic pleasure that we feel during the selection of each object. We hope that you will find among the exhibits one that will fit your collection or will become a precious gift.

Best regards:

NOBLIE Collectibles


NOBLIE COLLECTIBLES guarantees that the exhibits are specifically made for the YOUR EXCELLENCE collection, are originals and have identity certificates.



Sofia, 100 James Bourchier Blvd

Hotel Marinela

+359 879 699 350







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