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We often ask ourselves is there quality healthcare in Bulgaria. We wonder how to choose from the abundance of hospitals. Sveti Panteleimon Pleven Hospital provides the answer to the question.

The institution has three buildings and 12 clinics and yards, and 209 beds, covering the highest categorisation level.

They are the example in Bulgaria for a working model of quality medical treatment at a high professional level combined with care for the patient. The team has walked the hard road to success and stands out with leading specialists who work with high-technology equipment after European standards.

They use the latest generation of medical equipment:

  • Holmium Laser H-30 (green laser by Cook Medical): for dissolution of bladder calculi and treatment of soft tissues, allowing for faster and sparing procedures with higher rate of success and lower risk of complications;
  • Lunar iDXA series apparatus: for survey of bone, fat and muscle tissues. The analysis is used for calculation the efficiency of the diet regimes and in treatment of obesity-connected endocrine diseases;
  • LASEREX laser system: for removal of cataracts, glaucoma and cornea treatment;
  • equipment for spinal microsurgery: spinal surgery microscope by Carl Zeiss;
  • dialysis equipment for optimal blood cleansing, resulting in patients who feel well physically and psychologically;
  • nuclear magnetic resonance;
  • multidetector computed tomography with an injector;
  • new generation of Phillips digital mammography;
  • echograph and others.

St Panteleimon Hospital Pleven


The most advanced medical treatment is useless without highly specialised professionals applying innovative treatment methods such as:

  • single-stage surgeries for removal of breast carcinoma and reconstruction with a silicone implant;
  • single-day anaesthesia and analgesia for effective one-day surgery where patient is admitted, operated and discharged within 24 hours;
  • orthopaedic surgery in the field of endoprosthetics, spinal and endoscopic surgery.


St Panteleimon Hospital Pleven


The more pleasant the environment its, the faster the patients' recovery is. That is why the interior and exterior of Sveti Panteleimon Pleven are in light colours. Patients can opt for VIP conditions. Aiming to provide full physical and psychological support, free psychological help is offered to all patients and their families.

"We believe that high level healthcare in Bulgaria is possible! We offer a new model of quality healthcare service!," says Dr Eliza Georgieva, Manager of Sveti Panteleimon Pleven Hospital, specialist in medical imaging and healthcare management.

The medical profession is a vocation!

A vocation to give without expecting anything in return!


Pleven, 19–24 Trite Bora St

Phone: +359 64 87 20 20; +359 878 471 334; +359 878 153 599


St Panteleimon Hospital Pleven

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