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The fastest growing gym and wellness chain in Bulgaria, Pulse Fitness & Spa, opened its latest, six, instalment in Sofia, Pulse Fitness Energy Club at Sofia Ring Mall. Representatives of Sofia's elite attended the opening. 

This is the first club from the Pulse Fitness & Spa chain that is not located in its own building, but in a mall. The contract with Sofia Ring Mall is for 15 years. The location is strategical as in the last two years the mall' and the gym have shared a policy that emphasises sport activities, self-care and various options for entertainment under the same roof.

"The club members' comfort is our priority. We planned this site with the aim to provide an opportunity for quick, easy and convenient combination of exercise in an ultramodern gym with eating out, kids' entertainment, shopping and all the other services at Sofia Ring Mall. For a city like Sofia being able to to all of these at a single place is a huge advantage," said Paskal Doychev, owner of the chain, during the opening.

Pulse Fitness Energy Club

Dimitrios Papoulis, CEO of Sofia Ring Mall, thanked the teams of the Pulse Fitness & Spa and Sofia Ring Mall for the successful partnership, pointing that he and Sofia Ring Mall employees believe in healthy living and have faith in the success of Pulse Fitness Energy Club.

Pulse Fitness Energy Club

The club has over 2,000 sq.m open space zones and ultramodern interior design combining the typical raw urban style at the cross fit zones with exotic natural bamboo and 3D stone details, еlegant intertwined mirrors and screens in the yoga, Pilates and Kangoostudios. The spinning areas have crossed diode bands that change the lighting's intensity in accordance with the power and speed of the exercising people running their bikes.

Pulse Fitness Energy Club

Pulse Energy Club's power zones meet entirely the well-known standards of the chain: latest generation of fitness equipment, machines and accessories from the best brands in the world Life Fitness, TechnoGym and the latest from the SS19 series by Active Gym.

Pulse Fitness Energy Club

From the luxury cardio area the exercising people will have vista to both the mall's interior and the mountain. As in all of its other establishments, Pulse focuses on offering of a variety of group activities, with three dedicated studios and 100 activities weekly.

One of Pulse's most anticipated innovations will be available here for the first time: daily live sessions of Bulgarian and Western DJs during the most intensive training hours.

Pulse Fitness Energy Club

The ones who claimed their membership cards during the opening event will have the opportunity to try first the latest hit in the fitness industry: the latest system for virtual exercise Wexer Virtual Trainer.

Sofia Ring Mall is a new generation of mall aimed at offering one-of-a-kind experiences to its clients. Following the one-stop-shop concept, which allows clients to satisfy all their needs for shopping, eating out and exercising, the mall will become a favourite destination for good living and quality entertaining for the whole family.

Pulse Fitness Energy Club


Pulse Fitness Energy Club

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