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Zdrave Independent Medical and Diagnostic Laboratory is a multi-profile laboratory, established in 1999. For 20 years now Zdrave Laboratory has been on the health service market in Ruse as a reliable warranty for quick and precise laboratory diagnostics for both doctors and patients.

The sampling and testing of biological material is performed by highly qualified professionals: doctors, biologists, laboratory technicians. The results can be obtained at the laboratory, via a courier, mail, e-mail and the Internet. The safety and reliability for you and the medical staff in everyday work with blood products is achieved by the use of special closed system for blood sampling. It consists of individual single-use sets that provide comfort, effective protection and better quality of the samples. With our own transportation and mobile teams we provide home visits for bedridden patients in Ruse.

At the laboratory are used established contemporary methods for laboratory measurement, the equipment meets the highest international standard requirements (ISO 9001). The equipment is installed and maintained by specialised technical services or authorised services of the manufacturers.

Zdrave Lab, Ruse

The potential for laboratory diagnosis constantly increases. At our laboratory the patient can be tested complexly, without loosing precious time for sampling in several laboratories. We also offer to our patients highly-specialised sampling in partnering laboratories in Bulgaria and Europe.

We, at Zdrave Laboratory, aim to provide the best of our and of the international experience to you, our patients.

Zdrave Lab, Ruse

With implementation of a new contemporary approach in the complete laboratory process – from registration and sampling of biological material to obtaining the results, high quality was achieved, the range of services increased and lower prices for laboratory sampling became possible. At our laboratory can be tested materials for clinical and laboratory tests, microbiology, virology, parasitology, PAP smears. Molecular-biological methods (PCR) are implemented for diagnosis of infectious agents that are hard to isolate such as ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia, gonococcus, gardnerella and many others.

Zdrave Lab, Ruse

On the basis of a survey conducted by an outside, independent auditor, Zdrave Laboratory received a Correct Company certificate. This means that we won your trust with our professional work approach, quality, dedication and commitment.

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Zdrave Lab, Ruse


Zdrave Lab, Ruse

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