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Dr Robert Halvadzhiyan, DM Dr Robert Halvadzhiyan, DM

Damaged cartilage tissue is a serious condition that significantly influences health and the quality of life. Rigenera is an innovative method for treating this condition, that uses the patient's own tissue for better and faster recovery. Avis Medica Hospital has embraced the method and now successfully applies it for treatment of its patients. Dr Robert Halvadzhiyan, DM, head of the Orthopedy and Traumatology Unit in the hospital, explains more.

What is the system Rigenera?

Rigenera is an innovative technology by the Italian company HumanBrainWave for tissue regeneration. Regenerative cells (stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells and progenitor cells) have been known to scientists for some time now and there is a long tradition in research for effective methods for their extraction. The Rigenera system is a new and efficient way to isolate such cells that is capable of preserving the vitality of over 95% of them. These cells are extracted together with the environment where they develop and with the growth factors. This results in a suspension, a mixture of cells called micro-graft.

What makes this system better than the rest on the market?

Currently are used systems for extraction of mesenchymal stem cells from fat tissue and physicians know well their regenerative capabilities. However, the 10-year research of Italian professor Antonio Graziano proved the efficiency of the Rigenera system and its different approach.

Professor Graziano researches different tissues as sources of regenerative cells and proves that percentage-wise they dominate in the head skin area. So, he started experimenting to heal grave wounds that are hard to close, with astonishing effects. The cells are extracted faster and in a much larger quantity than fat tissue cells. They stay vital because they weren't extracted enzymically, but mechanically, as regenerative cells are smaller than mature ones.

Avis Medica

As Professor Graziano loves to say, with this method we settle in a depopulated village teenagers from the nearby town, not babies from another continent. What is the difference? Babies need more time to grow up and when they become adults, they will eventually discover that they do not belong in the village and will leave. Teenagers, on their part, will grow faster and will integrate better, more quickly and efficiently.

How is Rigenera applied in orthopedy?

The surface of the ear cartilage is covered with connective tissue, the so-called perichondrium. It consists of two layers, surface and deep one. The deep layer of the perichondrium is built of cells that generate cartilage tissue and reproduce fast. The perichondrium is also rich in blood vessels that feed the tissue.

Professor Graziano and his team use the Rigenera system to successfully extract cartilage regenerating tissue together with a mixture of other cells that restore the blood vessels, in an environment that nurtures them and provides growth factors to facilitate their division. These new cells act like a "radio signal" and activate the mature ones to synthesise cartilage tissue. With this mechanism, the mixture of micro-graft is used to restore cartilage in arthroses with a single intra-joint injection.

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How does the procedure go?

Under local anaesthesia, the physician takes a small chunk of cartilage of around 4 sq.mm from the patient's ear. The cartilage is placed in Rigenera's special container (class 1, CE and FDA approved medical equipment, sterile, single use). After a short period of cell disintegration (1-5 minutes according to the quantity of tissue), the resulting micro-graft is ready to be injected in the wounded knee.

How much time does the procedure take?

Everything takes a single visit and between 30 and 60 minutes. The intervention doesn't require hospitalisation and the patient can return home immediately after it. The procedure can be performed in outpatient care in sterile environment.

Are there side effects?

If the environment is sterile, the technology doesn't have side effects as own tissues are used and the body does not reject them.

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In what cases can we expect a positive effect?

First, the patient should be correctly diagnosed, as the process is effective in up to stage 3 arthrosis. In other cases, the only effect will be reduce of pain as in the micro-graft there are cells that suppress inflammation.

What is the difference between micro-grafts and plasma therapy and what are Rigenera's advantages?

Plasma is a blood derivate and asks for special conditions for processing. It is not tissue-specific and there is no proof that it facilitates tissue regeneration. Last but not least, blood plasma treatment needs repetitive application, while Rigenera is performed only once. Besides, there is proof for actual cartilage tissue recovery.

What happens with the patient after the procedure?

Around 24 hours after the procedure patients report that the pain is dying down, and routine movement is possible on the second day. Patients still need to avoid overworking the knee joint with ski and other active sports for about 6 months. After this period the cartilage is fully recovered.

Avis Medica

What is your experience with the Rigenera system?

At Avis Medica Hospital we have applied the method for 6 months now, after a training in Torino. The patients who we treat suffer knee and hip joint arthrosis. The patient's fast clinical improvement leads us to think that this is the procedure of choice before opting for surgical treatment, namely hip and knee endoprosthetics.

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