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Director Radoslava Georgieva on the art of teaching children to be happy and successful in life

Not all schools are created equal, and Generation Next School is an example for an educational institution that always put children's interests, future and talent first. Combining a primary school and an educational centre, Generation Next School provides encouraging academical environment designed to recognise, develop and unleash every student's potential, encouraging in kids crucial traits such as work, self-discipline and passion for learning. The school works actively to create of a community between kids, teachers and parents. Director Radoslava Georgieva shares more.

Why did you decide to create Generaion Next School?

The school was created by parents who want their children to study in an tranquil environment that allows each child to develop its knowledge and skills according to their individual interests and needs following their own tempo. The idea is to provide comfortable learning environment that reveals students' potential and allows them to develop skills and competences with the help of good professional in the face of the teachers.

Generation Next School

What goals do you set for yourself?

Our goals is for children to be happy, and to arrive at and leave school with a smile on their face. The Generation Next School team works to provide individual and diverse approach towards students. We use a variety of methods that predispose children to be self-confident and help their successful academical and personal development with skills and competences that will be much needed in the 21st century.

Generation Next School

How do you turn those into a reality and what values do you follow in this process?

The main superpower that helps is the good team. It helps us to achieve our goals much faster and to walk the road to them more efficiently. We believe that every child has limitless abilities and we are the people who have to support this, helping in every possible way kids on their way to success and personal satisfaction. We believe that we have to be good role models, too, as every day we spend time with the students and this exchange is priceless. We aim to be responsible and dedicated in our work, and to include the parents in the process as much as possible, as they are the basis for a really tranquil and pleasant educational environment.

Sofia, Dragalevtsi, 27 Sveti Gorazd Street

phones: +359 888 633 307, +359 897 211 344

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