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We live in digital times, but still nothing can compete in power of influence with good old printed materials. Gunyfal Luxury Pritning is proving this. The company offers not only digital marketing, but also specialises in production of high-end boutique printed materials. Elitsa Veleva, founder and General Manager, tells us how did she achieve that. It started with a trip to France...

How did your French adventure begin?

I was 16. I had to decide what my future will be - where and what should I study, what road should I choose. Then I and my father went on a trip around Europe. When we reached Monaco, he said: "You will study here." There was not need for him to insist. I was already in love with the French Riviera.

I successfully got two university degrees, in International Trade and in Management of Public and Private Companies. For this MA, I was selected among the 19 top students in Europe, with excellent grades.

That wasn't an ordinary adventure, but a destiny and the fulfilled goal to succeed in France. I went all the way from breakfast manager in a mid-size hotel to Sales and Marketing Director at the Hyatt hotels in Nice and Cannes. I accumulated knowledge and experience that helped me to grow personally and professionally. But one cannot predict everything. I met the love of my life, my husband, and I returned to Bulgaria.

What inspired you to found Gunyfal Luxury Printing?

In Bulgaria I had to continue developing. My contacts with my French partners suggested that Bulgarian production has something to offer on the French market for luxury goods and services.

For what companies is Gunyfal Luxury Printing?

Gunyfal Luxury Printing works with clients on the French and the Bulgarian market in the field of boutique print products. It is a pleasure to us to be a part of the family of the French-Bulgarian Trade and Industrial Chamber. Our partners and friends (as I call our clients) are representatives of the middle and large businesses, like John Taylor Corporate, Rosengart, Marriott, Stella McCartney, Brigitte Bardot Clothing, King David Hotel, Hotel le Bristol, Waldorf Astoria Hotels, Val d’Isere, Nikki Beach and many others. The list is very long.

What distinguishes your services?

Gunyfal Luxury Printing offers the highest quality products at the best price. I am proud with our incredible team of professionals and with the high quality of our customers' service. Our team knows what the client wants, and when and how to deliver. We provide creative ideas and ready solutions, we are flexible and realise projects that often seem impossible. Some clients come without any clear idea what do they want. After a bit of time, our team offers to them a unique product that satisfies the client's expectations and fits his budget. I have heard thousands of times "Wow!" from our clients.

Marketing on traditional printed materials or digital marketing – where is the future in your opinion?

If you ask only about marketing and communication means, digital is the indisputable winner. But printed materials on paper will never disappear. They will simply change their content.


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