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The Leica Eyecare premium lenses can be now bought in all Fox Optics in Sofia.

"We are very happy to add yet another market to our distribution network. Choosing the best eye lenses for you can sometimes be a true challenge. Here Leica Eyecare products come to the rescue. Our lenses are high class and meet the needs of everyone who values quality and beauty. We are positive that our partnership with Smart Optics will make soon our products the preferred choice in Bulgaria," said Adriana Jamroz, Export Manager in Leica Eyecare, during the brand's official launch in Sofia.

"For us it is a great honour to be Leica Eyecare's exclusive representative for Bulgaria. Our ambition is to create a stable network of partnering optics throughout the country so that every consumer can enjoy the brand's world reputed quality,” said Georgi Goranov, CEO of Smart Optics.

Leica Eyecare Sofia launch event

In its more than 100-year history Leica became a synonym of quality, precision and engineering mastership in the field of optics, from microscopes and sport optic products to the legendary Leica cameras and their lenses. The company's dedication to achieving perfection and high quality and its team's tireless ambition to provide the best possible customer experience are the main reasons for the brand's trademark aura.

In 2017, together with the French company Novacel, Leica entered the market for ophthalmological products, starting production of premium eyeglass lenses.

Leica Eyecare Sofia launch event

The Leica Eyecare collection includes top quality dioptric and sunglass lenses for the most widespread needs: single focus, bifocal and progressive lenses, lenses for digital devices and outdoor conditions, for driving, golf, shooting, sailing, winter sports, biking and taking photos.

Thanks to the unique technology of production and the variety of options for personalisation, Leica Eyecare offers incomparable visual experience and incredible comfort. These are guaranteed by Leica Eyecare's unique quality standards and control procedures that are 20% higher than the European standards. The precise manufacturing procedures allow manufacture precision 100% higher than the standards, minimising eye fatigue.

Leica Eyecare Sofia launch event

Leica also developed and patented the Aquadura® cover for exclusive protection against water, dust, dirt and damage even in extreme conditions such as sport and hunting.

In addition to the usual warranty, Leica Eyecare products are offered with expanded guarantee, including for scratches. If the client's lenses are broken or stolen, they will receive a spare pair within 72 hours (plus time for delivery and customs), regardless of where in Europe they are.

Leica Eyecare Sofia launch event

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