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When you are self-conscious about your smile, it is difficult to feel and act confident. Your self-esteem, relationships with others and establishing contacts with new people can be a real challenge if there is some kind of an issue with your teeth. Saliev Dental Care’s team can restore your confidence.

At Saliev Dental Care everything is designed to provide top dental care, uniting under a single roof skill, proficiency, technology and friendliness. The office has X-ray, anaesthesia equipment and photo studio for digital smile modelling and uses high-quality products by licensed companies. The atmosphere is atypically relaxing for a dental office: while you wait, you can enjoy a great coffee while reading a book and listening to nice music of your choice. The specialists who will take care of your smile are Dr Nikos Stamulis, Dr Violeta Velcheva, Dr Daniel Ivanov, Dr Carolina Bachova and Dr Erhan Saliev.

Saliev Dental Care offers:

  • emergency interventions and ongoing manipulations – tartar, fillings, soft tissue treatment;
  • aesthetic restorations, preparation for aesthetic constructions, implantology treatment;
  • intensive treatment for patients with little spare time – on an individually prepared plan within 7 to 10 days with possibility to carry out a wide range of manipulations under the control of an anaesthesiologist.

If you want a perfect smile, Saliev Dental Care will deliver with the digital design for smile technology. The team starts with analysing photos and video footage of the movement of the patient's jaws, and creates a detailed digital visualisation of their teeth. This is of great benefit for patients who want complete aesthetic dental change.

Saliev Dental Care is fully aware that language barrier is a common thing, but not in our office. The members of the team are fluent in English, German, Russian, Greek and Turkish and if you speak another language, translator will be provided.


Dr Erhan Saliev: Unleashing the potential of modern dentistry

Dr Erhan Saliev, DMD, PhD, founder of Saliev Dental Care, talks with us about some of the most exciting innovations in implantology.

Dr Erhan Saliev 

How did implants change in the recent years?

With the advance of technologies and sciences in general, and dental medicine in particular, we now experience constant changes. Powerful companies entered the field creating competition for better, more sophisticated, innovative and simplified implant systems.

There are thousands of implant systems on the market, but for me the best implant system is the one in which the implantologist is the most experienced. Our mission, as dentists, is to create comfort in the patient's mouth and to improve their quality of life regardless of how expensive the implant is. For the bone and the organism the implant's brand, model and price make no big difference. Biological processes of integration of the "foreign body" depend solely on the precision, knowledge and skills of the specialist and of the proper care and willingness of the patient to follow maintenance rules. In recent years the need to place implants on hard to treat areas and new surgery technologies forced manufacturers to be more innovative and to look increasingly for flexible solutions. Sizes of implants diversified and basalt implants are entering the practice as a method for intensive and quick treatment of jaws with total loss of teeth within several days.

How is quality of implants guaranteed?

We, as physicians, have great responsibility in this procedure and can guarantee the 94-96% success rate promised by manufacturers only when we strictly follow the protocol. Treatment success depends on the dental specialist and the patient's maintenance. Prophylaxis is also important and two visits every year at the dentist are a must.

Saliev Dental Care

Dental crowns and bite lifting


What opportunities for total smile change provides modern dentistry?

Behind every beautiful smile stand serious work, passion, motivation both by the patient and the dentist. Diagnosing the patient's specifics, expectations, philosophy of life and bad habits provides crucial information. To do this, we use methods such as photo, video, X-ray and phonetic diagnosis, preliminary imprints for analysis, a visit to a dental technician, etc. Thanks to precise and accurate preliminary interventions we can precisely inform the patient on what we can and cannot do with their smile. The smile design approach gives the patient a clear idea of all parameters of their smile, and makes the work of both the dentist and the dental technician easier.

What is bonding and for what cases is it applicable?

Bonding is an excellent alternative for aesthetic procedures. The photopolymer material is easily manipulated and there is a huge choice of materials and colours according to the patient's teeth. Unlike porcelain and zirconium constructions photopolymer allows quick corrections if needed, it is easy to maintain and is relatively low budget. When the protocol is followed, excellent results can be achieved. The method's disadvantage is photopolymer's short life of around 5-6 years. This, however, is not as short as it seems.


Sofia, Studentski Grad, 31 Atanas Ishirkov St

phone: +359 877 679 779

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Open: Monday to Sunday: 8 am – 8 pm

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