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Dr Anastasiya Chokoeva Dr Anastasiya Chokoeva

Dr Anastasiya Chokoeva on the secret of beauty

When she founded ProArt aesthetics and dermatology clinic, Dr Anastasiya Chokoeva set ambitious goals. She is aware that besides serious training, experience and right judgement, aesthetics is also a matter of art. A beautiful symphony, harmonically blending tenderness, elegance, femininity and a bit of mystery. Today clients and patients of ProArt know that Dr Chokoeva has fulfilled her goals.

Dr Anastasiya Chokoeva graduated from the Plovdiv Medical University in 2011. She specialised skin and venereal diseases in the eponymous university clinic and at St George hospital in Plovdiv, and is a PhD student and assistant at the namesake department at Plovdiv Medical University.

Dr Chokoeva defended a PhD thesis titled "Survey of epidemiology, etiology and influence of risk factors for development of superficial mycoses in children." She is a recognised specialist in dermatology and venereology, and her interests are in the fields of paediatric dermatology, dermato oncology, surgery and aesthetic dermatology.

Dr Chokoeva works on and participates in scientific publications in Bulgarian and international magazines, and has over 180 scientific papers, including in publications such as The Lancet, Medicine Baltimore, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, British journal of Dermatology. She has co-authored 3 books and is a regular participant in national and international scientific forums and congresses. Her impact factor is over 200, her publications' quotations are 72 and her h-index is -4.

Dr Chokoeva is a leading researcher in a university scientific project uniting the work of several departments in connection to her PhD thesis. She is also co-researcher in international research groups in Germany, Italy and the US. She is certified from a number of international and national trainings in aesthetic medicine - dermal fillers, botulinum toxin and work with laser systems.

Dr Chokoeva is a member of the Bulgarian Dermatological Society, the Bulgarian Medical Association and the International Dermoscopy Society.

What inspired you to create the clinic?

Beauty, as a symbiosis of inner harmony and outer aura. The idea to create ProArt was inspired by the cult to beauty as a result from power from within! I believe that the most beautiful thing in a smile is the woman who carries it.

Physical appearance, mind, age, social position and character are only a reflection of one's soul harmony! A true woman doesn't seek attention with her looks only, first she gains it with her inner magnetism - the condition borne by enjoying herself and life...

Enjoying yourself is not a simple art, but once mastered it helps you to become the most powerful magnet!

ProArt aesthetics and dermatology clinic

My idea was to create a place that combines admiration for the strength and character of ladies and harmony between inner aura and outside beauty as a result of our innate confidence. I dreamed of creating a place that will warmly greet women's uniqueness, underlying the natural beauty. A place that is not only a dermatology and aesthetics clinic, but a second home for the strong and determined ladies who conquer not only using their smile, but also their character. I believe I succeeded!

For what conditions and problems will we find help at ProArt?

Currently, dermatology is one of the fastest developing fields in medicine with wide, diverse and comprehensive range of activities and pathologies. It covers not only aesthetics, but also the struggle with the most malignant tumour in human pathology, the melanoma. Training and practicing in this field demand, on the one hand, imagination and inventiveness, and on the other - associative thinking and photographic memory. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and as such takes one to new challenges every day.

That is why we integrated at ProArt a wholesome model - aesthetics (injection procedures, fillers, boosters, mesotherapies, botulinum toxin, laser rejuvenation and lifting) and diagnosis and therapy of all dermatological pathologies based on current trends and discoveries, which we follow with interest on a daily basis.

ProArt aesthetics and dermatology clinic

For treatment of what conditions is laser therapy applicable?

The laser system we have at ProArt is a world leader with over 50 years of traditions in design, development and manufacture of laser technologies. Light sources with different wavelength and depth of penetration and ablation of the skin allow treatment of a wide range of dermatological diseases and conditions such as acne, rosacea, capillaries, vascular spiders, hemangiomas, scars, stretch marks, nail fungi, surgical excisions, condylomas, papillomas and others.

The Er:YAG laser has a wide spectrum of ablative and nonablative procedures suitable for treatment of different skin conditions such as ageing and "wear" due to atmospheric conditions, lifestyle and other factors. With its special work regimes the system allows us to help both young patients for prevention and ladies who aim to restore or keep their skin's natural and healthy appearance in a more mature age.

One of the most popular procedures both in our clinic and on the international market is the so-called 4D lifting. The name comes from the fact that we work in a controlled and precise way in 4 skin layers, including the intraoral ligament. Thus we improve the turgor and firm, lift and smoothen the skin. As a final of the procedure, we improve the overall tone and smooth imperfections, spots, pores with laser pilling.

During the latest Laser Academy were demonstrated new techniques for treatment of eye contour with the system that we have, and that we already apply at ProArt clinic.

ProArt aesthetics and dermatology clinic

What other procedures are sough after in ProArt?

Lip enlargement remains one of the most popular procedures in our clinic. The difference, compared with previous years, is that ladies increasingly aim towards maximally natural and aesthetically pleasing corrections that are hardly noticeable. It was exactly my the concept when ProArt was created - the aim to underline natural beauty in a very subtle, beautiful and elegant way, without damaging our patients' individuality.

Corrections of the face contour are also popular - underlining of the lower jaw, the mandibular angle, the cheekbones.

Autumn is a very good time for restoring skin hydration after the damages of the sun with boosters and mesotherapies.

This is the moment to appeal for more care for the hair during the season of hair-loss. At the clinic we have the only of its kind hair filler, a perfect solution for hair-loss and thin and weak hair.

Undoubtedly, the above-mentioned 4D lifting is one of the favourite procedures for both me and my patients. Besides having an incredible lifting and piling effect, the procedure is a great alternative for patients who prefer noninvasive methods for collagen stimulation and face contouring.

Plovdiv, 3 Kapitan Kosta Panitsa Blvd.

phones: 0897 947 476, 0898 511 619

Tuesday - Saturday: 10.30 am - 6.30 pm

ProArt aesthetics and dermatology clinic

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