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Not that long ago in EventsBulgaria's office made the rounds an article titled "What does it mean to beat competition with extreme specificity advertisement." It provoked our team to make a little brainstorming on the topic. The fact that competition is tough in the event planning niche is hardly a secret to anyone. It is also well known that the company's small, but united and very crazy team does not like to compare themselves with the others as they believe that happy people do not do that. Then why should you choose exactly EventsBulgaria for your corporate event, teambuilding or private party? That is the question!

"EventsBulgaria is a young company that has operated for several years now on the market of event management, teambuilding activities, design and advertising. Its team is united under the common denominator of "I do what brings me pleasure and this makes me happy." We overflow with original ideas that in some cases are absurd or even impossible to materialise. We love boutique and "outside of the comfort zone" solutions. We can boast that a large part of our teambuilding programmes are author's and the ones we have borrowed as an idea are realised with an original approach and stage properties. We are proud with the fact that we treat every client individually. We organise meetings to get to know each other, we survey websites, materials and others in order to offer an optimised concept for the corporate or private event. We approach with professionalism the ensuing realisation with helping, overseeing and coordinating the stages and the participants in the process.


"If we still do not sound to you as the partner you need, we want to boast about our latest idea: the original concept for corporate and Christmas parties for the 2019/2020 season named SinCities: NY2020, Paris1920, etc, inspired from the collaboration of stories, fashion weeks, F1 and the Billboard chart.

"Information about the activities and services we offer is available on or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.."



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