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The luxury gated community CASA MIA Apartments and Town Houses is the other project developed by Stroikolux.

The compound is located in the southern parts of Plovdiv, in Ostromila neighbourhood. It is surrounded by nature that brings in one-of-a-kind feel of space and tranquility, with a vista to the Rhodope mountains. The compound is being built at a location with easy access and with excellent infrastructure.

CASA MIA is based on the concept for a suburban gated community, where on a large space are located smaller residential buildings, houses and apartments offering tranquility. The project is on a plot of 13,500 sq.m and has a total built-up area of 23,750 sq.m, where the general aesthetics and architecture naturally integrates into the landscape. Thanks to the low density of construction, the architecture design and the good location, the compound will offer a new level of comfort of residence.

A part of the compound will be with apartments – 7 residential buildings with 4 floors each will have a total of 123 flats whose area will cover between 48 sq.m and 125 sq.m. A total of 24 urban houses on 2 or 3 floors are also planned, with area ranging from 144 sq.m to 320 sq.m. Each house will have a garage, a veranda and its own yard.

Casa Mia Plovdiv

The houses are designed by the architects of RT Consult in the characteristic Mediterranean style, with long arches, characteristic elements of wrought iron and columns. Travertine rock and roof tiles, typical for Mediterranean architecture, are also used. The colours are soft – brown, beige and chocolate milk, corresponding with the nature around.

Stroikolux: Plovdiv, 27 Petar Chenkov St

phone: 032 25 00 11

mobile: 0897 06 06 06

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