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Invisalign® is the first system in the world that created the transparent braces (aligners), which has been successfully used for 20 years now. Dr Maria Misova, Clinic for Dental Medicine Harisma, Plovdiv, tells us about this most advanced and precise method.

Dr Maria Misova, dentist. She graduated from the Faculty for Dental Medicine at the Medical University in Sofia in 2000 and soon afterwards established with her colleagues Dr Gyuleva and Dr Gyulev the Clinic for Dental Medicine Harisma in Plovdiv. Dr Misova has underwent specialised professional training Master coip in Madrid – an international programme for acquiring a Masters degree in the field of the Invisalign® system under the guidance of Dr Iván Malagón and Dr Diego Peydro, specialist of the highest rank in the Invisalign® (Diamond Providers) system. Currently, Dr Misova holds the highest rank in Bulgaria for the Invisalign® (Diamond Provider) system.

Dr Misova, why did you choose the Invisalign® system for your practice?

I had the chance to meet the Invisalign® system during my first specialisation at San Francisco, in 2003.

This is the most advanced method for teeth alignment and bite correction – the first in the world to create transparent aligners and to apply them successfully for 20 years now. The company has more than 900 patents and over 7 million patients worldwide have been treated with the system. My colleagues and I are among the founders of the Bulgarian Society for Periodontology and Oral Implantology (BSPOI).

Dr Maria Misova, Harisma DentFor me, the main problem in treatment with conventional brackets has always been the difficult and sometimes impossible maintenance of good oral hygiene during the long treatment period, an average of 2.5 years. Invisalign® also allows greater control in teeth movement, as the aligner supports the tooth from all sides providing a complex power of impact. In brackets this happens in a single point only. On the other hand, patients are now looking for greater comfort and more discreet treatment methods that do no influence their daily life. The Invisalign® aligners are transparent, practically invisible and easy to remove during eating. They are comfortable to wear, easy to clean with toothbrush and toothpaste and do not cause pain.

What are the treatment stages?

Treatment starts with a clinical examination and scanning of the patient's teeth with our i-Tero scanner, one of the most advanced in the world. The results are analysed via panoramic X-ray, orthopantomography and models. For each patient I prepare a treatment plan as a film using the 3D software of Invisalign® – the so-called ClinCheck. Using this treatment plan, an individual set of braces is made for every patient. Their consecutive change provides alignment of the teeth and bite correction. Each set should be worn for a week.

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For who is the system suitable and what problems does it solve?

The system is suitable for both children and adults. Every problem (teeth and jaw deformity) that can be solved with brackets will be treated faster, with greater precision and more easily with Invisalign®. Problems that are not treatable with brackets, particularly in adults, are completely solvable with Invisalign®, like advanced stages of periodontal disease.

What are the advantages of Invisalign®?

The system has practically no flaws. The treatment results with Invisalign® are safer and more predictable because the plan prepared with the 3D software ClinCheck® is being followed. The patient can see the end result of the future treatment well in advance. The power used to move the teeth is 10 times weaker than the one used in brackets, and the movement is only 0.25 mm per week. Thank to this the gum and the bone have time to adapt. A number of surveys has demonstrated that new bone forms as the result of Invisalign® treatment, while with brackets there is often risk of bone loss.

Clinic for Dental Medicine Harisma



Clinic for Dental Medicine Harisma



The patient enjoys comfort and there is no pain, unlike with brackets. Food sticks to ordinary brackets and cleaning them is difficult. They cause frequent gum inflammation, white spots and carries. With Invisalign® there are no urgent visits to the dentist for dislodged brackets, projecting wires and wounds.

What is the average treatment period with Invisalign®?

It depends on the individual problems of the patient, but at an average it is about 1.5 year.

On what depends the success of the orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®?

Success depends, on the one hand, on the right diagnosis and the right treatment plan. On the other hand the patient should wear the aligners regularly, 22 hours per day.

The dentist should be trained to work with Invisalign®. Currently I hold the highest rank in Bulgaria within the Invisalign® (Diamond Provider) system. The categorisation is made on the basis of the experience and the cases treated by the dentist every year. This allows patients to have a clear idea of the level of experience and/or cases treated by their dentist.

Clinic for Dental Medicine Harisma



Clinic for Dental Medicine Harisma


What are the most common problems for which patient seek orthodontic treatment?

Our clinic specialises in periodontology so very often patients suffering from significant bone loss seek help from us. In these cases, besides initial bone and soft tissues treatment, it is almost always necessary to also align the teeth and to correct the bite. Irregularly aligned teeth are overloaded which makes the periodontal problem more grave. The aim is for patients to preserve their teeth and to restore their normal way of chewing. Invisalign®, with its weak power of teeth movement and opportunity for maintaining perfect oral hygiene, is the only alternative for such patients. The Invisalign® system helps easily, precisely and quickly, too, patients suffering from crossbite, open bite, deep bite and reverse bite.


Clinic for Dental Medicine Harisma

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