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Manager for a Day at HP Inc. Manager for a Day at HP Inc.

During this year's Professions of Future forum the organiser, Junior Achievement Bulgaria, announced interesting results from its attitudes survey among young Bulgarians and their future employers. A total of 1,600 students participated in the two initiatives that took place on 6 and 7 November in Sofia and across Bulgaria.

In the 18th instalment of the Manager for a Day initiative participated 1,180 young people, who were managers for a day in 60 municipalities in the country. About 400 students attended the 5th instalment of the Professions of Future forum in Sofia.

During the forum, JA Bulgaria announced the results of attitudes survey conducted immediately after the 2018 issue of Manager for a Day. In the survey participated 365 Bulgarians aged 16-25, revealing major trends in the mindset of Generation Z (born after 1995) in regard to their future work environment. 56% of participants were under 18 years of age, and 41% were between 18 and 25. A tiny percentage were above 25 years of age.

Manager for a Day

Managers for a day

Outstanding trends include:

  • Sofia residents are more willing to work in the private sector, and those from other cities - to start their own business;
  • Boys from Sofia are more willing to work in a technology company;
  • Bulgarians aged 18-25 and living in Sofia expect a monthly wage of over 2,000 leva and are more willing to work for a large international corporation;
  • Bulgarians under 18 show a greater tendency to apply for job directly on the company or organisation's website; those aged 18-25 and those living in Sofia prefer social networks for this;
  • Residents of towns with population of under 50,000 are more willing to work abroad, the reverse is true for ones who expect a wage of over 2,000 leva per month;
  • Young Bulgarians with expected income of over 2,000 leva per month are more willing to search for stable job abroad;
  • There are no significant differences within the different demographic groups besides that fact that the ones with desired monthly wage of over 2,000 leva are more categorical when they point wage as a leading factor for their future job;
  • An interesting trend is that Bulgarians under 18 years of age are more willing to work for longer for an employer than those aged 18-25.

Branimira Neshovska HP Inc.

Branimira Neshovska, HP Inc.


A panel discussion with Mariana Todorova, futurologist and researcher from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Branimira Neshovska, Director of HP Inc., Maria Temelkova from Manpower Bulgaria and Milena Stoycheva, CEO of JA Bulgaria, followed the presentation of the survey results.

15 large companies and inspiring lecturers participated in the Professions of Future forum, talking to young Bulgarians on the topic of Work With Meaning: Now Generation Z and Employees Today Shape the Professions of Future. About 400 students from schools and universities in Sofia, Vratsa, Karlovo, Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Sredets and others attended the forum. They asked questions and had one-on-one conversations with representatives of the participating companies and organisations.

"Professions of Future Forum brings unique added value to the popular Manager for a Day programme. For a fifth consecutive year the event proved that it is a true crosspoint of young talents and innovative employers. Created in the spirit of inspiring presentations on a stage, the forum also provides effective dialogue between young people and business. This makes me very happy," shared Milena Stoycheva.

Milena Stoycheva JA Bulgaria

Milena Stoycheva JA Bulgaria


With the start of the workday on 7 November in Sofia and throughout the country, the Manager for a Day started as well. This year, about 800 companies, institutions and NGOs opened a total of 1,479 positions, for which applied 2,445 young Bulgarians. Some of the positions were hotly contested while others did not attract any interest, demonstrating that the programme reflects the reality of the current labour market in Bulgaria. Among the most sought after positions were Creative Director in Inter Expo Center (56 applications) and General Director of HP Inc, and Talent Management Manager at Nestlé (41 applications each). 32 municipalities had a mayor for a day.

JA BulgariaA total of 1,180 positions were taken by young Bulgarians. The youngest of them were sisters Asya and Simona Borisovi, aged 11 and 12, respectively, who became a manager in Coca Cola HBC and Dean of the Economy Faculty at the Sofia University.

The day in Sofia ended with a ceremony in JA's space for training and youth entrepreneurship at Hambara Startup in Sofia Tech Park. There, managers and their "deputies" shared their experiences and impressions from the initiative.

Closing ceremony Manager for a Day 2019

Closing ceremony Manager for a Day 2019


HP Inc. was the general partner of Manager for a Day and Professions of Future. "For us it was a pleasure to welcome so many enthusiastic and dedicated young people at HP Inc. for a third time as a part of the Manager for a Day initiative. Each time we see in them energy and qualities fit for the 'professions of future' that we develop together and this year it was not an exception. This can only make us happy as it shows that the future of business is in safe hands," shared Asen Georgiev, CEO of HP Inc., during the closing ceremony.

The other partners of the initiative were A1 Bulgaria and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

As organiser, JA Bulgaria calculated that during the 18 workdays of the Manager for a Day initiative since its start in 2002 participating students worked for about 1.8 million hours. When the hours of their hosts and titular managers are added, the number goes beyond 3 million hours.

Managers for a day, 2019

Managers for a day


Closing ceremony Manager for a Day 2019

Closing ceremony Manager for a Day 2019



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