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Kubera, the god of fecundity and wealth or the Bulgarian Khan Kuber? This is just a small part of the beginning of Kubera – the raspberry road in you!

In the Valley of Roses, at the foot of the majestic Stara Planina mountains, near the town of Sopot, where ancient Thracian kings lived in harmony with land and gods, are Kubera's gardens. Intriguingly, instead of the usual grapes, raspberries grow there at an altitude of 450 metres.

The idea for a different wine, of raspberries, was born in the fantasy of Desislava Guncheva and Lyudmil Sharaliev in 2013. Five years later the dream became a reality. Kubera Raspberry Wine, entirely of organic fruit, was born. The location where the raspberries are grown has a climate that is unique for Bulgaria, with cool summers, warm winters and numerous sunny days.

Many people say that wine is made of grapes only, but Desislava and Lyudmil do not insist that Kubera is strictly speaking wine. "Kubera is a drink that excites the senses, creates adventures and inspires the imagination to fly and the soul to sing," say they.

And indeed, the first gulp makes you to stop in your tracks, your mind lost in the taste, the tongue playing a little game in the mouth and the palate becoming spirit!

Although young, this raspberry elixir has gathered in itself the locality's terroir with the perfect blend of earth, climate, water, sun and love in the care for the fruit, becoming a raspberry temptation that should not be tasted, but felt!

Kubera Raspberry Wine would not be possible without Kubera's technologist, Tanya Nikova: young, beautiful, adventurous, a veritable winemaking magician. She is the person who handles the millions handpicked raspberries, turning them into something a beverage that the more you drink, the more you crave.

There is a running joke in Kubera that this wine is highly addictive, in the good sense of course. And this might be actually true.

Desislava and Lyudmil still do not have their own winery, but they are working towards this. For now, the wine is processed 20 km away from the orchard so that the authentic raspberry taste is preserved. A limited boutique series of wine is produced.

Kubera raspberry wine

What to expect in the future?

Kubera Noisy is Desislava and Lyudmil's latest project: unfiltered, natural sparkling wine of 100% organic raspberries. For now it can be tasted exclusively at specialised wine forums. If everything goes as planned, in 2020 it will be presented to the world. More interesting wines are in the making, but for now they are a well-kept secret!

Due to the significant interest in wine tourism, something special is under construction in Kubera's orchard, allowing people to immerse in Kubera's raspberry world.

Let's wish Desislava and Lyudmil success and cheers. If you, who is reading this, already crave to try the raspberry elixir, just Google kuberabg.com to reach the beginning of infinity!


For more information on how and where to find Kubera, visit www.kuberabg.com, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or check FaceBook: kubera and Instagram: kuberawine.

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