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Lazarina Rotarova about the talent to stand out

When Lazarina Rotarova decided to found an interior design atelier, she knew what she wanted – to establish a company where creativity and imagination know no limits, and the end result is impressive. Inspired by the endless opportunities of creativity and the notion of it as a child play intertwining curiosity, passion and action, Lazarina Rotarova choose the name atelier UPGRADE. Today her portfolio includes dozens of happy clients who have chosen creative solutions such as decorative wall panels, murals and bas-reliefs, furniture or complete interior transformation.

How and why did you found atelier UPGRADE?

The idea for atelier UPGRADE was born from the inevitable necessity to offer a more artistic aesthetic level in the field of interior design. Something diametrically opposite to the Made-in-China options, the sterile prints and the uniformed urban standards of furnishing, and the boring ideas for what comfort is. Creative ideas appear only when we are brave enough to imagine them and to materialise them from zero.

atelier UPGRADEWe created atelier UPGRADE with the aim to hit the bullseye of diversity and cosiness in interior. We create interesting interior accessories after individual projects in a variety of styles, and offer painting on a range of surfaces, including bas-reliefs, art furniture and frame-free interior design... Coat racks, shelfs, mirrors, wall panels, clocks that can even work counterclockwise, and others.

What defines your creative style? Do you have favourite colours, materials, themes?

The non-standard, the aesthetic and the functional power our projects. The style is always defined by our client's desires. What is different is that we always refract and shape it through an elegant, surprising and artistic point of view. We continue working on the site no matter what doest this cost us until our client is satisfied.

Non-standard materials are the most interesting ones for improvisation. Nature materials, combined with high technologies and also recycling of non-typical materials are very interesting for this. Imagination, however, is the leading impulse here. To imagine an interior product that does not exist, to design and to materialise it. One of our favourite themes are ancient Bulgarian motifs and their opposite – artistically imagined shapes and subjects that have been seen only in imagination. Nature is the most interesting and our favourite designer and we often work in symbiosis with it. We experiment with all colour nuances.

atelier UPGRADE

How can you help for the complete transformation of an interior?

When a client searches for our services, our first step is to visit the site. For us it is very important to feel the spirit of the space and of its inhabitants. When they are absent (because they live abroad), we have a long virtual meeting that is something close to a consultation with a psychologist. This helps us to get to know one another and to see whether we have chemistry. This is the most important moment. I am a psychology graduate and for me it is very interesting to communicate objectively with our clients. Sometimes we like one another and other times we do not. The market is open. Psychology definitely helps when working with people regardless of the particular field. The home reflects its inhabitants and it is our job to feel and materialise the client's desires for cosiness and harmony. We are not the ones who are going to inhabit this space, our clients are. For us this is the first step – to step in our client's shoes, to feel what they want. The interior styles are a completely personal choice from which we start our projects.

atelier UPGRADE

What should we know before commissioning a bas-relief or a mural by atelier UPGRADE?

We follow the philosophy based in the atelier's name that with every step in the work we should focus on being better and more flexible. We work mainly from the distance in whole Bulgaria, that is why we already offer our bas-reliefs and murals also on wall panels. This way every client can install them, even on a wall of 10-20 sq.m. We have also developed an option in which all joints are hidden so the image appears whole. This allows us to work anywhere in Bulgaria and abroad, and saves the client a lot of money for hotels and inconveniences from our stay in their home or restaurant. For us, it saves time, and time is the most valuable currency. However, if the client wants, we can do the installation, it takes several hours and is clean, fast and financially savvy.

atelier UPGRADE

What is included in the free package of services of atelier UPGRADE?

Our free package services includes consultation on the client's desires – from the development of interior accessories fit for an already existing interior to consultation on complete furnishing for a brand new home or before an overhaul. We visit the site or we use architectural plans, we discuss the ideas and we prepare an offer. Everything is individual in accordance to the client's needs and budget. If we are of help to our clients and they are happy with us, then we have done our job properly. And is there better advertisement than a satisfied client?

atelier UPGRADE

Tell us more about some of your projects that was a true challenge for you?

Many of our projects for complete furnishing of private homes are a challenge as the majority of the clients are Bulgarians who live abroad and are in Bulgaria for 1-2 months. We work from distance with them and we usually meet one another after the work is done. They only leave us the key to their home. It is not easy to trust someone who you do not know and have not seen to built your home from zero to decoration. Modern technologies save a lot of time and money, and this is the trend of our field. But to do this you need first well-grounded trust. When you lack it, nothing will happen. That is why trust is the biggest challenge. Almost all of our complete interiors were realised from a distance. At the moment we are preparing a wall panel for a world-famous politician but we will keep their name a secret for now. It is probably our biggest challenge at this stage.


phone: 359 89 436 5997

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Skype: atelier UPGRADE

atelier UPGRADE


atelier UPGRADE

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