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Located in Central Sofia, hummusbar is for people who love quality and authentic food, friendly atmosphere, and... hummus, of course!

What is hummusbar

In short: a healthy alternative to fast food. The bold concept of the restaurant chain with presence in Budapest, Bratislava, Lisbon and Sofia is for offering a simple yet special product, freshly made after authentic recipes: hummus, falafels, pita sandwiches, shakshouka, traditional bread, salads, soups, deserts, home-made cold drinks. The service is fast and the vegetarian and vegan options are many.

hummusbar Sofia

For whom is hummusbar

For everyone who values quality, novelty and healthy food in a nice ambience: professionals, students and tourists, residents and people working in the neighbouring streets are all regulars.

hummusbar lisbon

What to expect

 After the successfully established chain of full-service restaurants and the interest from clients and franchise appliers there will be more hummusbar places in Sofia and Bulgaria's big cities in a more flexible form, with less environmental impact and more happy clients.


Sofia, 46 Graf Ignatiev St

phone: 088 876 2020

hummusbar Sofia

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