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Valentin Pavlov MO, Specialisl Surgeon-lmplantologist at Eo Dent Dental Clinic Valentin Pavlov MO, Specialisl Surgeon-lmplantologist at Eo Dent Dental Clinic

Bring back your smile and this way you will change your life!

In recent years implantology has undergone trеmendous development and has played a main role in both the treatment at EO Dent and in dentistry. The different variations in placing dental implants provide a variety of options for our patients. If you lose a tooth, suffer from partial or complete edentulism, implants are definitely your right choice.

Everyone wants to be able to smile, to have teeth right away and wants them to be fixed, without bone augmentation procedures and additional financial costs. This is exactly what the innovative SKY Fast&Fixed approach gives our patients. In one day, even in one visit for a few hours, we otter treatment, extractions, implants and temporary constructions without pain. Patients can eat immediately after the operation, not change their rhythm of life and social contacts.

Thanks to placing the implants at angle, the bone can optimally be used for successful biomechanical recovery support. Immediate implant strain is directly related to the prosthetic construction. Temporary teeth can be made in less than an hour. The precise timing and the respective interventions are achieved through a standardized procedure. That's how neither the patients nor we are faced with unpleasant surprises, and the equipment in our most up-to-date specialized Bulgarian-German implant-surgical clinic guarantees that.

The dentist-dental technician tandem and the presence of a dental laboratory provide peace and security to our patients. The comfort during the manipulation and the lack of pain are achieved by our team of anesthesiologists' care. Analgesia is done through sedation, a special kind of anesthesia which makes you sleep and when you wake up, again you have a smile without having felt fear and pain.

The possibilities of modern dentistry are huge! There's nothing more innovative than having patients come once with their natural teeth, which, however, for different reasons need to be extracted and immediately after that dental implants are placed on which to put temporary teeth. It means that the patient doesn't spend a minute without teeth. On the same day they eat and smile to the fullest.

We believe and we see every day how treatment without pain and dental implants change our patients' lives and they regain their smiles! Here's why you should bite life hard with your dental implants!


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