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Irena Petrova, founder of Toro GroupS Irena Petrova, founder of Toro GroupS

The managing partner of the human resources company on the importance of growing together with the market

The selection of the right executive and mid-level talents is key for the success of any company. Irena Petrova, founder of Toro GroupS, is among the people who can help. Engineer by education, she has an innate talent of psychologist and is a manager who has built a professional, motivated and effective team.

This year you celebrate 20 years since the foundation of Toro GroupS. How do you evaluate this period?

20 years are a lot for a Bulgarian company offering a service on the Bulgarian market. In order to survive, to develop and become even better you need to be incredibly honest with your clients, to offer a top-level service and to follow all rules and procedures. Toro GroupS succeeded in these 20 years because it has always had a wonderful team of professionals. My assets are not machines or buildings, but my colleagues who are professionals in different fields of human resources. Toro GroupS has a reputation of an exclusive company. We are commissioned and successfully realise difficult projects, and we always provide solutions to our clients. We also grew with the market. 20 years ago we were excited when we selected people for executive positions, our first big projects were selection of sales representatives. Today we work on projects for sales directors, and the one-time sales representatives are now managers of large companies. In the beginning, the most difficult task was to study the potential of young professionals fresh from university. Today we study, communicate with and interview top and mid-level managers. This asks for much more knowledge from our consultants in the respective business sectors.

How does the labour market look in 2020 and which are its biggest challenges?

Labour market in 2020 is incredibly difficult. People for executive positions are needed and due to emigration these people are not in Bulgaria. According to statistics we are diminishing as a nation, and the trend is also present in Europe as a whole. There is a lack of factory workers and people for entry-level executive positions.

That is why business and the government unite our efforts to importing workers. The problem is deepening and that is why systematic efforts are needed for equalising workers' wages to the ones in rest of Europe, because current salaries in Bulgaria are not satisfactory.

Toro GroupS focuses on selection of experts and mid-level managers. We do not work often with workers outside of our Employee Leasing service.

Bulgaria is known for its outsourcing services and the demand for people speaking several languages is on the rise. Young people with such competence who are still in Bulgaria cannot fill all these positions. Toro GroupS is trying to overcome the problem by promoting available expert positions to young Bulgarians with education and language competence who live abroad. To achieve this, we partner with a company that sends young Bulgarians to study abroad.


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