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Dr Milena Kotseva Dr Milena Kotseva

The founder the company for high-end food supplements, on achieving internal balance through nature and science

When a physician with experience in the pharmaceutical business opens a company for food supplements, we pay close attention to the products: after all, nothing can beat professionals in the field of health care. Such is the case of Dr Milena Kotseva, who established Homeostaza, a company for high-quality food supplements, after years in medicine and pharmacy.

What is Homeostaza?

Homeostaza is the Bulgarian version of homeostasis, a biology term for the stable equilibrium in organism's internal environment. A number of factors are constantly trying to interrupt the body's homeostasis, but the organism has many finely-tuned regulatory mechanisms to sustain it. Practically, homeostasis is the state of equilibrium, stability, balance of a living system. Our action or inaction in different situations can help or prevent our body of achieving this desirable state of balance. I named our project HOMEOSTAZA because its aim is to help people keep their organism healthy, stable and balanced.

How did you create this project? What is the philosophy of Homeostaza?

In my professional life I have worked in different fields connected to medicine and pharmacy. I was both a practicing physician and a qualified specialist of medicine safety in a large pharmaceutical company, I have also marketed medicines. In my varied work I have experienced most of the defects and malpractices of both fields, mainly where the worlds of physicians, pharmaceutical and food supplements companies and pharmaceutists collide. These malpractices impede patients' adequate treatment. I believe that in order to stop this process, patients should be informed, should ask questions and should require answers. This is how I ended up with the idea to create Homeostaza.

Homeostaza Norwegial fish oil

Since I founded Homeostaza, I have answered hundreds of questions via email or phone by visitors of www.homeostaza.bg. I have also penned dozens of articles on a number of topics, some of which were provoked by the needs of patients and clients. We registered and continue to register food supplements which I am convinced are beneficial for health and whose quality is outstanding. The origin and the quality of the active ingredients and the final product are guaranteed with documents. Strictly controlled storage conditions guarantee that the products sustain their top quality until they reach the end consumer. For best results of Homeostazis food supplements, each client receives detailed information about the method and period of use, and how to store the product. Each client who has bought a Homeostazis food supplement can ask how to use it in accordance to their individual state and needs. Soon, Homeostazis will open its first physical store in Central Sofia, on St Georgi Sofiyski Street, where people will be able to learn more about our products.

What is the advantage of being a professional physician?

I am a physician who respects both conventional and holistic medicine. There are conditions where holistic medicine provides a better help than conventional treatment methods. However, there are conditions where holistic medicine is powerless and efforts to solve problems with it are a waste of time. One needs to be a physician in order to say one from the other and to guide the patient to the right treatment. Sometimes conventional and holistic methods complement each other and combining them can be beneficial.

Homeostaza Norwegial fish syrup

On the other hand, my experience in the pharmaceutical business helps me to evaluate the quality of the medicines and food supplements and their safety, and to see quickly which food supplement was not produced and marketed in accordance with the regulations.

What makes Homeostaza products different?

For us it is incredibly important that the products we offer are effective and safe. That is why before we decide to represent a certain product we do a serious research on the scientific data about the ingredients that it will contain. We research and analyse clinical trials about these ingredients. Then we look for quality active substances in the concentration that has demonstrated optimal effectiveness in clinical trials. One of our products, Norwegian Fish Oil, even has its own clinical trials with excellent results in children with development problems (Rett Syndrome).

Last but not least, we carefully choose the manufacturer of the end product. My experience in the field of drug safety has provided me with a knowledge of regulatory bodies and production control in different European countries. That is why our author's product VitaDynamic is made in Germany. VitaDynamic helps to overcome everyday life stress and to improve concentration and attention.

Homeostaza camel milk

Vitacamel, capsuled dried camel milk, is from the Netherlands, where it is produced in a local camel farm. Vitacamel was registered and imported by Homeostaza in Bulgaria after we researched the scientifically proven effect of camel milk and decided to help the many Bulgarias who were buying it from the Netherlands. In the upcoming months we will register two new effective and high-quality products.

How do we know what is the best Homeostaza product for our physical condition?

Visit www.homeostaza.bg. If you have any questions about the products' application for your specific case, contact us on our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or personally me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Homeostaza VitaDynamic


Homeostaza Norwegial fish oil pills

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